The Podium Project

CVA has partnered with Sugarloaf Mountain and Boyne Resorts to revitalize our training venue by constructing a new, high-speed surface lift.

Since the very beginning, CVA, the Sugarloaf Ski Club, and Sugarloaf have partnered to create ski and snowboard competition programs that provide young athletes with more than medals. They serve as an important platform to set and achieve ambitious goals, raise aspirations, and connect with athletes from around the world. Today that commitment deepens, and it is with great excitement that we announce the launching of The Podium Project.
The Podium Project is about “raising the bar” for student athletes by building the country’s best ski and snowboard training venue, right here at Sugarloaf. It takes two excellent training and racing trails, Narrow Gauge and Competition Hill, to the next level, by adding a high-speed surface lift and state-of-the art snowmaking.
CVA Head of School Kate Punderson shares, “Our community has been dreaming about this project for 30 years, and with the support of our partners, and the dedication of the CVA and Sugarloaf communities, I am confident the vision will now become a reality for current and future generations.”
The goal is for T-bar construction to begin in the spring of 2022, with the lift spinning by November 2022. At 1200’ length and 380’ vertical gain, the new T-bar will be located just above the Peavey Crosscut between Narrow Gauge and Comp Hill. Comp Hill will also be widened to accommodate more training space. Installing a high-speed T-bar will optimize athlete’s time on-snow and greatly improve training. Coupled with higher density snowmaking, and trail-widening, this will provide an ideal training environment for our student athletes.
In the words of CVA alumnus and US Ski Team Head Men’s Alpine Coach Forest Carey, “Simply put, we look for quality snow and quick turnaround time to maximize training. With a T-bar between Narrow Gauge and Comp Hill, Sugarloaf will have it all.”

Sam Morse, CVA Alumnus, U.S. Ski Team Junior World’s Downhill Champion

I have experienced most of the premier ski race training destinations in the world, and the common denominator among them all is they each have surface lifts adjacent to their training areas to create an atmosphere of efficient and quality training while not burdening their larger lifts and gondolas with lines of ski racers.

How to Get Involved

Raising the bar means raising $1.6 Million.
Help define the future of training at CVA. 

Naming Opportunities

Surface Lift - Contact Kate Punderson
Training Venue - Contact Kate Punderson
Bottom lift terminal - $100,000
Lift Tower - $50,000 
Up to Three “T’s”- $25,000
One “T”- $10,000
On-Hill Donor Plaque-  $2,500/$5,000

For More Information

For more information about the Podium Project, contact:
Kirk Dwyer, Alpine Technical Director and Special Projects, or;

Alex Godomsky, Director of Finance and Development,