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A Message from CVA's Head of School

When you visit Carrabassett Valley you immediately begin to appreciate the place. The mountain and the surrounding terrain are both welcoming and rugged - two things that have distinctly shaped the CVA community.

The CVA experience is one that cannot be found elsewhere. Student-athletes are challenged by the world-class training venues, and the disciplined and personalized coaching. The athletic program develops confidence, perseverance, and grit, and the school curriculum prepares students to face the challenges and opportunities of their lives with strength and grace. 

Most importantly, students are engaging in this journey in a community where they are known, needed, cared for, and are listened to. A community that radiates sincere warmth and a familial feel within the school and the Valley as a whole.  

My family and I have been living, learning and celebrating the successes of our students for twenty years. We continue to be amazed and proud of the commitment, personal growth, and joy that each and every student brings to our community. 

I invite you to experience CVA. Spend a day on campus, join us for a training session, connect with our top-level coaching team, and meet with other student-athletes who chose to train, learn and live together. We want you to see for yourself what it’s like as a Big Dog!   

Kate Webber Punderson '89
Head of School

A Message from Our Students

Student-athletes from all 5 disciplines created the 60 second videos, below, to share what it's like to spend a day in their life. 
    • Autumn

    • Emily, Lily S, Luna

    • Kai

    • Chase

    • Jack E

    • Kate, Kennedy, Skye

    • Shire

    • Danica, Lily C, Mia

    • Jake, Sully P, Ben

    • Morgan

Mission Statement

The intent and purpose of Carrabassett Valley Academy is to foster focused individual student-athlete development by providing the optimum balance between outstanding college preparatory academics, responsible community living, and world-class athletic training in competitive skiing and snowboarding.