Health and Wellness


Our comprehensive health approach includes

  • Health center on site in the dormitory staffed with a full-time RN
  • Athletic training office on campus with a full-time certified and licensed Athletic Trainer
  • High Performance Director focused on dryland training, including wellness, physical and mental health
  • CPR/First Aid and suicide prevention trained staff, teachers and coaches 
  • Certified mental health counselor on retainer
Providing services at school helps to decrease lost time from school and lower parent’s cost for travel.

Athletic Health Care Team Goals, Vision and Purpose

Goal: Empower student-athletes to enjoy peak performance throughout their lives within a wellness model. 

Vision: Create convenient access to a variety of services to support the health, safety and wellness of CVA athletes and community. 

Purpose: Support the school’s mission of individual development of student-athletes addressing both balance and world class athletic training with world class health care. Work together as a team to utilize and ensure continuity of care for the best possible outcomes.
    • Team Physician- Tom Pulling, MD

      The team physician is an orthopedic who signs the standing orders for the athletic trainer to work under his direction. He oversees policies and procedures related to athletic injury to ensure proper care. He is the point person for referral of injury when necessary and oversees all cases related to concussion as a physician trained in concussion management. He is in constant communication with the Athletic Trainer and holds office hours in Farmington and Livermore Falls.

    • School Physician- David Dixon, MD

      The school physician is responsible for overseeing the nurse’s standing orders to ensure proper policies and procedures are in place to care for the students.

    • Team Massage Therapist- Liz Stefany B.A., L.M.T.

      Massage therapy has been shown to place an integral role in facilitating faster recovery from injury by mobilizing tissue, increasing blood flow, decreasing swelling, decreasing adhesions, increasing range of motion and decreasing pain. Massage therapy is usually offered once a week on an as needed for injury first-come first-serve basis. This service is paid for by the parent online at for $35 per half an hour.

    • Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Crisis Situations

      The AHCT also maintains a list of resources for mental health services and completes training in suicide prevention. Our relationship with Maine Health Evergreen Behavioral Services provides emergency mental health services, substance use treatment and outpatient counseling.

    • High Performance Director- Shelby Downing M.Ed, CSCS

      Our program combines science, education, intentional dryland programming using periodization and the progressive overload principle, and fun and challenging activities that inspire teamwork and commitment to ensure that CVA athletes reach their highest athletic potential.

    • Athletic Trainer- Tristy Wolfe, MA, ATC

      The Athletic Trainer provides emergency care, development of injury prevention programs, the assessment, management, treatment, education, rehabilitation and reconditioning of the physically active population. The athletic trainer serves as communicator between coaches, parents, and other healthcare providers regarding injury and treatment of injury while facilitating proper care.

    • School Nurse- Amy Martin, RN

      Using clinical knowledge and judgment, the school nurse provides health care to students and staff, performs health assessments and coordinates referrals to other healthcare providers as needed. The school nurse serves as health educator and liaison between school personnel, family, community and healthcare providers to advocate for health care and a healthy school environment.

**Of course, a student-athlete may go to providers of their own choosing as long as they provide required paperwork to the nurse and/or Athletic Trainer and final clearance rests with the team physician.

    • More About Tristy Wolfe, Athletic Trainer

      Tristy has been a certified athletic trainer since 2000 and has been with CVA since 2014. She previously worked as the Head of Sports Medicine at NCAA Division II Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ for seven years and as a certified chiropractic assistant therapeutic exercise specialist at HealthQuest for eight years. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Plymouth State University in Athletic Training and Fitness and Rehabilitation with a minor in Health. In 2005, she graduated with a Master's degree in Holistic Health Studies from GCU while becoming a master-level Reiki practitioner. Tristy is a Certified American Red Cross Instructor, NAMI trained gatekeeper and member of the National Athletic Trainers Association. Tristy also currently serves as the Peer Mentor Faculty Advisor, middle school science teacher and led CVA to becoming a first team SafeSport School. Tristy lives on campus with her husband, Waylon, and her two children Nya ‘24 and Walker. She enjoys camping, biking, karate, being active and spending time with her family.

    • More about Amy Martin, School Nurse

      Amy joined Carrabassett Valley Academy’s Health and Wellness team in 2016. She earned her Associates Degree in Nursing from Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing and Health Professionals in 2009. Before coming to CVA, Amy worked as a nurse at Franklin Memorial Hospital in the Day Surgery unit for 7 years and she continues to work per diem at FMH during school vacations. Amy lives in Freeman Township with her husband Tim, daughter Makayla and son Michael ’18. She enjoys camping and spending time with family in her free time.

    • More about Cathy Roy, School Nurse

      Cathy provides health services during the weekends. She is on campus or in the immediate area from Friday evening until Monday morning. Generally, she is in the dorm on Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 2 PM, distributing meds, performing dorm student health checks, etc, and is on call if needed outside of those hours.

    • Pat D'Amboise, School Counselor, LCPC

      Patrick D'Amboise LCPC iss our part-time school counselor. With a B.S. in education and a M.S. in counseling, Pat has over 37 years of experience in counseling, with a focus on youth. As a father of CVA alum Sean D’Amboise, Class of 2004, and through his additional passion as an outdoor educator (he worked for Outward Bound and founded Project Quest, an outdoor education program for teens), he is uniquely positioned to connect with, guide and support CVA students and staff. Pat’s role is to assess the impact of the students’ mental health needs on learning and school participation, provide on-call duties, and collaborate with the health care team to promote health and wellbeing of the student body. Pat provides confidential emotional support to our students including short-term, solution-focused therapy, crisis intervention, advocacy, and referral, when necessary. He provides support on campus in the form of pre-scheduled meetings and drop in office hours, as well as conducting group work and activities. His services augment the Community Clinical Services Outpatient Counseling our students access through telemedicine.

For enrolled students


  • CVA Concussion Policy
  • Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes
    A fact sheet for athletes from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with the definition of a concussion, symptoms, and what to do if one is suspected.
  • Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents
    A fact sheet for parents from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about concussion signs, symptoms, dangers, and returning to school safely.
  • Concussion Baseline Testing: XLNTbrain instructions
    The XLNTbrain Baseline Test takes approximately 25 minutes and is important for your healthcare provider to use as a baseline to compare for your recovery.  Once you've read these instructions, go to and use the passcode CARRABASSETT VALLEY ACADEMY ATHLETE