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CVA is the leader in delivering programs that enable students from 7th grade to Post-Graduate to obtain a rigorous college preparatory education while pursuing athletic aspirations.  It's more than a school; it's a way of life shaped by the ruggedness of the terrain and environment.

The experience here is not found elsewhere, it's an experience that creates growth, opportunity, and choices. It's a full-on academic, athletic, and community experience that is life-changing.

We are student centered. We tap into a student’s passion for skiing/snowboarding, love of the outdoors and willingness to work hard. We use that passion to help a student achieve his/her personal best with the goal of creating the strongest high school resume, so upon graduation, he/she has the most post-secondary academic and athletic choices.

Carrabassett Valley Academy's program is a time tested integration of academics, athletics, and community providing a framework for students to become confident, independent advocates for themselves.


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    Carrabassett Valley Academy's Full Year Program follows a traditional school year calendar, starting early September and ending mid-June. Training and competing in high level winter sports is year round, involving dryland and on-snow training.

    The Full Year Program is open to all students from 7th-12th grade.

    Carrabassett Valley Academy's Winter Term Program runs from November to April, during the height of the on-snow training and winter competition season. Winter Term is the ideal program for 7th-9th grade students who are considering pursuing skiing or snowboarding on a full time basis. 10th-12th grade students with a B average and compelling reason to participate in the Winter Term can apply for the shortened program.

    CVA's Student Planning Director works closely with each student's home school to establish clear expectations, coordinate academic requirements and report on the student's progress.

    The Seven Month Term Program is an extension of CVA's Winter Term Program.

    There are 2 seven-month options: 
    1) arrive in September and stay until April for a Fall/Winter Term 
    2) arrive in November and stay until June for a Winter/SpringTerm

    The Seven Month Program is optimal for 7th-9th grade students who are considering pursuing winter sports on a full time basis.Students in 10th-12th grade, with a B average and compelling reason to participate in the Seven Month Term can apply for the shortened program. 

    Carrabassett Valley Academy's Post Graduate program provides student-athletes with the opportunity to train and compete in their sport in an elite, structured environment before transitioning to a college or national team.

    Post Graduate tuition is determined on an individual basis depending on the length of term and academic needs. For more information, complete the student inquiry form.

Kirsten Clark '95 - 3-time Olympian

Being at CVA with a group of athletes with the goal of making the U.S. Ski Team pushed us all to work harder on the mountain and in the classroom. The small school setting was such a great environment for one-on-one interaction with coaches and teachers.