Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), CVA's college preparatory curriculum is designed to provide students in 7th grade through a post-graduate year with the comprehensive academic and critical thinking skills that will enable them to move confidently into a post secondary education.

Small class sizes enable us to address individual learning needs and technological developments allow us to provide a rigorous curriculum while students pursue their athletic passions. Many of our courses offer an "honors option" where students receive enrichment and alternative assessment and "honors" is designated on their transcript.

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CVA’s highly skilled coaches have trained 11 Olympians, 10 X-Games competitors, 6 world champions, 83 national champions, 21 NCAA and USCSA All-Americans, and 34 National Team Members. Sugarloaf is our home mountain offering varied/challenging terrain and an unparalleled support of competitions and training. The combination of the mountain, our coaches, and our Anti-gravity Complex provides CVA athletes with world class training in competitive alpine racing, moguls, park and pipe, and snowboarding, Skier X and non-competitive ALPS program that will push their fullest potential. Students are prepared to compete on the mountain and they carry those competition skills forward to face the challenges of their lives and our world.

Student Life

When students join CVA, they join a community; a community where they are known, needed, cared for, and are listened to. It's a community where civility is taught and reinforced. Caring and education are first in our minds and we graduate students with aspirations, academic and athletic skills, confidence, and character.

About CVA

CVA is defined by the collective spirit of its founders, teachers, coaches, parents and students. And…it is also defined by our location. The isolated ruggedness of the terrain and environment here clearly shapes us, our program and our students. This place creates an experience not found elsewhere. A place where students carry the skills they learn on the mountain forward to face the challenges of their lives and of our world with strength and grace.

They learn how to win, how to lose, how carry on in unforgiving weather, and how to pick themselves up and keep going. While teaching students how to deal with those life lessons this mountain environment is also creating growth, opportunity, and choice. It’s a full-on academic, athletic, and community experience that is life changing. It’s the “real deal” approach to a disciplined training program that pushes students to higher levels of competence.

When students join CVA they join a community that is nestled securely in the woods of Carrabasset Valley.  A community where they are known, needed, cared for, and are listened to. A community that radiates sincere warmth and a very familial feel within the school and the Valley as a whole.  Students choose CVA because they love the outdoors, have a passion for their sport and are willing to work hard. They leave with an appreciation for the unique personality of the wilderness and with a life-long love of the outdoors.

 Kate Webber Punderson '89

 Head of School



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CVA elite snowboarder Nick Malone

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GIVE: When you choose a school for your child, you also choose a community for your whole family. As an independent, private, non-profit school, we encourage, in fact we depend on, all members of our community to become involved with and invested in our mission. The success of CVA, reflected primarily by the experience and accomplishments of these incredible student athletes, has been built on the countless volunteer hours and generous financial support given by ardent supports from the past thirty years. Continuing to enhance our school and to strengthen our extended community depends on active engagement by us all.

ALUMNI: We invite all Big Dogs to explore the many opportunities available to stay engaged and connected with CVA. We have an annual Alumni Day every year on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s Day and we now have CVA events in many places around the country! Please click on the more button to update your info in our alumni directory, join the Alumni Association Facebook group, send us a note to let us know what’s new in your life, find a list of class reps, and read about some of the cool things your fellow Big Dogs are doing!

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