CVA Podium Project Update - Trail Work and Construction Starting This Month!

For years, we’ve dreamt of expanding the training and race venue on Competition Hill and installing a surface lift for our athletes. We’ve looked forward to more training lanes, quicker turnaround times, increased snowmaking capacity, and early-season access to on-snow training. Now our dreams are being realized!

The Podium Project is well under way! All permitting is in place to begin trail widening, installation of the T-bar, and automated snowmaking. Doppelmayr® has delivered the t-bar towers and components. Snowmaking equipment is starting to be staged near the Jean Luce Building. The fully-automated SMI Polecat Fan guns should be arriving next week! Trail work will begin on August 15th and, once the sight lines are cleared for the surveyors, Fall Line Construction, LLC can begin the installation of the t-bar and snowmaking equipment; this process is likely to begin at the end of August. If you're out on the hill over the next few weeks, pop on by to see the progress!

Fundraising continues to progress nicely with a recent $25,000 grant award from the Killington World Cup Foundation, with a matching $25,000 donation from a friend of the foundation. Collaborative fundraising with our training partners continues with great enthusiasm. We are expecting significant progress from these efforts in the coming weeks. 

The training venue transformations, that you'll start to see later this month, are funded through The Podium Project campaign, with donations from our generous supporters. For more information on The Podium Project campaign, click here.

Naming opportunities still exist at the On-Hill Donor Plaque ($2,500) and T-bar ($10,000-$25,000) levels. Are you ready to "Raise the Bar" for student-athletes?

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