Sugarloaf Ski Club Big Dog Tuition Scholarship

The Sugarloaf Ski Club is offering an annual athletic merit scholarship award for a current CVA winter term or seven-month student who will return the next school year for the full-year term; or for a CVA Weekend Program athlete who is applying for the full-year term. 
This merit scholarship is to be given to the male or female alpine, freestyle, ski cross or snowboard athlete who will most benefit from being at CVA for the full year and whose family is also a Ski Club member prior to the start of the calendar year in which he/she is applying.

The minimum amount of the scholarship is $2,000. CVA will choose the recipient. The scholarship is for one year and will be applied to the cost of tuition for the coming academic year. The award payment will be made to CVA. A new recipient will be chosen each year.

If you wish to be considered for the scholarship, please complete the application and write an essay. The due date is May 15th. 

Please visit the following link for the application and additional details: