Podium Project News

It's been one month since we announced the launch of The Podium Project. We have received $500,000 in donations to date! Thank you for your partnership.
To continue our fundraising efforts, CVA will proudly, and gratefully, recognize donors of the following transformational gifts by adding their names on our lift and venue. Check out the Podium Project naming opportunities below:
• Surface Lift - Contact Kate Punderson
• Training Venue - Contact Kate Punderson
• Bottom Lift Terminal - $100,000
• Lift Tower - $50,000
• Up to Three “T’s” - $25,000
• One “T” - $10,000
• On-Hill Donor Plaque - $2,500/$5,000
For more information on how the Podium Project will benefit CVA and the community visit gocva.com/the-podium-project.
For a chance to get your name on a piece of this historic venue for CVA, or to make a leadership-level gift or pledge, go here, or contact Alex Godomsky.