Early Celebration of CVA's 40th Birthday

While this milestone will be official in 2022, we’d love to reveal our 40th logo, and the artist behind it, to you all right here. 

We’re so honored that local artist, Claudia Diller, designed this commemorative logo to celebrate our important anniversary. As one of the most esteemed Maine artists, Claudia has called our state home since she was a teenager. Essentially self-taught, her work is an honest reflection of her own mental meandering, and a diary of the way she sees the world.

As the original designer of the CVA logo and the Big Dog icon, Claudia saw this as an opportunity to pay homage to the original logo, while showing how CVA has grown over the last 40 years. As a former CVA parent, she wanted to “conjure up the original spirit of CVA” in her design, including some iconic CVA images – the Big Dog, skiing, snowboarding, and The Loaf itself.

Beautifully designed, Claudia has captured the vibrancy of CVA, as well as our collective spirit, as we move into this new decade.