Newly created Action Sports Department with Nate McKenzie as the Director

After thoughtful strategic planning, CVA has created a new Action Sports Department - bringing Freestyle, Snowboard and Ski Cross under one umbrella. Nate McKenzie has been named as the first Action Sports Director.  In this role, Nate will ensure that action snow sports at CVA, both the Academy and the Weekend Program, continue the long-standing tradition of providing year-round, safe opportunities for high performing athletes to develop the skills necessary to compete at the highest domestic and international competitions. Nate’s 20-plus years of experience as a coach and leader makes him the ideal professional to ensure CVA’s action sport student-athletes have every opportunity they need to reach their goals. 
Through his positive coaching style, his passion for all snow sports and his connections in the industry, Nate will build a cohesive and strong team of coaches and athletes. He works closely with the coaching staff to keep them at the cutting edge with their training and certifications, subscribing to the belief that the knowledge of the coaching staff, and their ability to impart that knowledge to the athletes, is the backbone of the program. Nate understands coaches must focus on each athlete individually. Goal setting, physical and mental preparation, management of training and competition, and focus on fundamentals are all keys to safety and success.  
Nate has a proven track record of creating year-round training opportunities and venues that meet the demands of the sport and keep CVA athletes on the forefront of competition. Over his many years here he has established an excellent relationship with Sugarloaf’s management and personnel, from snowmaking, to grooming, to parks. One of his primary responsibilities will be as CVA’s park, mogul and cross venue liaison. By having Nate as the primary contact for all venues on hill, we anticipate much smoother planning, execution and maintenance of venues.   Hosting all levels, USASA, USSS and FIS, competitions at home are vital and Nate will work closely with the Sugarloaf Competition Department to get competitions on the calendar each year.