Freestyle team trains in Mt. Hood, Oregon

The CVA Mogul crew had a super fun and productive camp in June in Mt. Hood, Oregon! The athletes showed real positive progress across the board, and hopefully had a great time with house games, team dinners, and many afternoons at the river. Among our successes on the trip, there were a good number of notable firsts to mention!

Kennedy Hicks ’25, First Backflip (Landed!)
Jack Egan ’25, First Cork 1080 (Landed!)
Trase Boudreau '25, First 720
Dory Michaud ’23, First Landed Flatspin 360 (!)
Lance Dolan ’22, First Back Full
Myles Mckenzie ’22, First Back Full

A huge thank you to our coaches Nate Mckenzie, Grace Holstein ’16, Jesse Lowell ’14, master jump builder Carter McQuinn, and builder/athlete/inspiration George McQuinn, for all their hard work and passion for freestyle skiing!