Big Dog Awards Ceremony: School-wide Academic and Athletic Awards

About 250 students, family members, coaches and faculty gathered outside Murfey Hall to honor students from all grades and disciplines with academic and athletic awards at the Big Dog Awards Ceremony on June 4th. In addition to the awards, every student received a personal note card signed by CVA staff. 

Kate Punderson offered these words: "Hello and Welcome to the 2021 Big Dog Awards Ceremony. It has been almost 2 years since we have all been together as a school community. Two years! I am so so happy that we are back together.
To our Coaches, teachers, staff and parents: Thank you all for believing in CVA. For believing that kids need to be kids. And also that as a kid, time is precious and time is of the essence. The adolescent years fly by. Not a day should go by without a young person feeling loved and valued and appreciated. Everyday there should be opportunities for young people to learn and build knowledge and strength, to add tools to their social and emotional toolbox. Kids also need to be kids, to have fun, laugh, experience joy, be adventurous, and make connections. Thank you for believing that to do all that, young people need to be and feel safe - that safety is the foundation. Thank you all for joining me in these beliefs and embracing our students and their CVA experience, even when it required tremendous sacrifice.
To our students - you are our inspiration. We are beyond proud of the way you responded to the opportunities you were given. Thank you students for believing in us and putting up with our many changing rules, confusing protocols and the restrictions we put on your daily activities. Your willingness to do whatever it took was amazing. David Brook’s message to the Boston College Class of 2021 sums up this time well. He said, 

“We are all coming out of something hard….But here’s the good thing about enduring a hard thing when you are young. Forever after, you’ll now know you have the capacity to survive hard things. And you don’t need to be terrified of them.”

Congratulations to each and every Big Dog for your many accomplishments this year!

A list of award recipients can be found at