Big Dog Awards and Class of 2020 Celebration

Thank you to everyone that joined us on May 29th for our virtual Big Dog Awards and Class of 2020 Celebration. If you missed it you can watch a recording here  awards ceremony video, and read below for Kate Punderson’s remarks. Well Done Big Dogs! 

"Hello and welcome to the annual Big Dog Awards celebration - today held virtually for the first time. I so wish we could all be together in the AGC, having just finished a tasty lunch. But we need to be apart, and even though we are apart, our hearts are together and we are here to celebrate each and every CVA Big Dog.
It has been said that crisis reveals character. And when the pandemic crisis hit us in the middle of March, CVA’s true character came through. We grieved together at the loss of the winter season and said our goodbyes. But then we quickly dug in and looked for silver linings. We leaned into the hard work and the change and persevered. Our principles of kindness, respect, commitment and gratitude guided us through these last few difficult months.
I could not be more proud of you, our students - while 2020 will forever be remembered for COVID-19, it does not define our year – our year, your year, was so much more than that. You all packed vans, unpacked vans, did dish duty, studied in your rooms, in class, in the Atrium, studied in base lodges and hotel rooms and condos.  You all froze your toes on Sugarloaf and warmed up in Java Joes. You walked the path to the Cap in all kinds of weather, tuned your skis and boards, and ate Ellen’s cookies. You skied and rode your hearts out, pushed yourselves in the gym and made countless memories together.
You have challenged yourself, and your coaches and your teachers, in order to get the most out of every opportunity. It is these shared experiences - in this shared space, both in person and online - that will tie you together for life. You will be lifelong friends that can count on each other today and every day. You are a part of something bigger than yourselves - it's a history, a tradition and a family that will never leave you. Thank you for making this CVA community, and this year, one we can all be proud of.

To our parents, thank you for your love and support of your children. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to give them this opportunity. It is because of you that this is all possible. And most of all thank you for supporting us and your children at home these past two months. We know the efforts that it took were extraordinary. I hope you are as proud of your children as we are.
To CVA’s dedicated, professional, inspiring and caring teachers, coaches and staff. Thank you for making so many sacrifices and working tremendously hard every day. It is because of you too that this is all possible.
And lastly, and most importantly, I am so thankful for the Class of 2020. As we go through this unprecedented time in CVA’s history, I am grateful for your leadership. You have handled this spring as you have handled the whole year, with humor, positive action and a love of your school. You have inspired us with your commitment and school spirit. Your past leadership makes me very hopeful for our collective future. You have shown all of us that even in the most difficult of times, our community can not only survive, but thrive. You have shown us that our community has the grit, perseverance and love to get us through anything. You, the Class of 2020, have sacrificed the most in revealing this truth about ourselves. And so hope, pride and celebration is what I want all of us to carry away from today."