Benjamin Bisson ’09

Current town: Carrabassett Valley, ME
Hometown: Woolwich, ME
CVA Discipline: Snowboarding
Leaving CVA after graduating in 2009 I felt fully prepared to face whatever challenges life could throw at me, and in the fall of that year when I began my journey through Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. I found myself far more equipped than most First-Years. I quickly began to respect the term “Co-Curricular”, a word often used to describe CVA community, and for good reason, as I found that balancing CVA’s rigorous athletic program and demanding academics for five years certainly helped me stand out among my peers at Westmont. Having been so well trained in time management, I was able to balance my love of surfing with my academics. 

As a Studio Art Major, I lived by the words I had come to know at CVA “Talk Small and Go Big”, and for my senior show I created and sold five large abstract paintings, also leading to more commissioned work. 

After graduating from Westmont, I returned home to Maine seeking a slower lifestyle, colder water and the empty lineups that the Midcoast has to offer. I have spent the last year helping my family to grow Bisson Real Estate, not only as a licensed agent, but also developing our branding, social media presence, and marketing material. During this time I was able to live at Sugarloaf last winter, finding myself envious of the CVA lifestyle and wishing I could be apart of the program still. Thankful for the opportunity, I am very excited to return to the CVA community and refocus my passion for the outdoors, snowboarding, and most importantly youth development.