Hilary Marie Thompson ’09

Current town: Boston, MA
Hometown: Bath, ME
CVA Discipline: Snowboarding
About a year ago Boston Bag Co. brought Marie Thompson ’09 on board to bring their 87 year old company into the retail market by creating a suitable brand identity and a new bag line that embraces their heritage quality and classic design aesthetic. She is currently working as the lead designer and director at Boston Bag Co. Ever since Marie was a kid, she loved sewing and would spend hours upon hours creating clothes for her dolls, sewing bags for herself, or making her own clothing. Today as an industrial designer she focuses on soft goods design, i.e. bags, shoes, and outerwear.

Marie attended Champlain College to study graphic design for two years, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design for four, graduating with a BA in Industrial Design. While attending college in Boston, she worked full time at a boutique B&B/wedding venue in a historic brownstone on the commonwealth. Half the time she worked as the office manager, the other half as assistant coordinator for the wedding and event planning. When she graduates in the spring, her and her boyfriend are looking forward to relocating out west to finally get out of the city and back on the mountains!