Rebecca London

Rebecca London ’09

Current town: Washington, D.C.
Hometown: Carrabassett Valley, ME
CVA Discipline: Freestyle Skiing
Rebecca London ’09 works for small bipartisan government-affairs, consulting and lobbying firm. She supports two of the senior vice-presidents in their day to day and long term work. Her job is fast paced, can change quickly, and requires her to be flexible. Rebecca handles issues related to financial services, transportation, energy and environment. Rebecca describes a typical day’s work, “[it] includes writing policy briefs and memos related to client interests, watching and summarizing congressional hearings, and helping with my bosses' outreach to congressional and executive branch officials. In thinking back to her time at CVA, Rebecca remarked, “What I learned at CVA helped prepare me for the fast paced job I'm doing now. In college and now in the professional world, I know how to prioritize and balance everything I have to accomplish, and that's because of the environment at CVA.”