Day and Residential Students

Day Students

Day student-athletes are welcome at all campus events and are totally integrated into our community. They have a locker in the main building, may join us at Murfey Hall for study hall as well as evening recreation, and may use the tuning room. 

Residential Life

About two-thirds of our student body lives in the dorm. Our dorm, Murfey Hall, has 3 floors- one for girls, one for the younger boys, and one for the older boys. The bedrooms are spacious and full of light. There are two students to a room and they may bring personal items to make it “feel like home” such as posters/pictures, rugs, or refrigerator.

We pride ourselves on the comfortable family, home-like atmosphere. Apartments adjoining each hallway house faculty and their families. The Assistant Head of School for Academics and Student Affairs lives in the dorm and oversees the residential life program working with the proctors, dorm parents, student activities staff, and health and wellness services.

There are separate boys’ and girls’ laundry facilities in the dorm.

There are separate social and study spaces for boys and girls as well as spaces for boys and girls to study and visit together. A game room hosts ping pong and pool. A large cozy living room features a fireplace, kitchen, large movie screen, and board games.

Student Life

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