Community Expectations

  • At CVA every student’s ideas, contributions, and behaviors have an impact on our small community.
  • The diversity of the student body, and closeness of the community between students, teachers, and coaches demands mutual respect. Civility and respect for oneself and others is taught and reinforced in every aspect of a student’s experience.
  • Bullying and harassment are not tolerated and we are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with students and staff to raise students’ awareness to help ensure bullying does not occur.

Student Handbook

Click here for our student handbook which covers our expectations in athletics, academics, student life, and our standards of behavior. It also includes the consequences if those expectations are not met.

Levels of Leadership

CVA students, faculty, and staff, with the help of Dr. Jeff Beedy, identified the values that unite our community as well as those that divide us. From that process we created the Levels of Leadership so each community member is using the same vocabulary to describe behaviors and the same rubric to measure their effort and attitude towards their involvement in the community. We use the language in all areas of daily life at CVA to describe behaviors….from dish crews to work in class to life in the dorm. Below are the levels:

  • Leading- Embrace your role in being accountable in life and model and teach a step- by -step process of being accountable to CVA’s community values
  • Contributing- Embrace your role in situations, and seek opportunities to be accountable and responsible to CVA’s community values
  • Participating- Embrace your role in being accountable and responsible to CVA’s community values
  • Observing- Assume accountability and responsibility “because I’m stuck with it” but do not help CVA’s community values on your own
  • Detracting- Avoid being responsible and accountable. Behavior is destructive to CVA’s community values

School Meeting

Every school day CVA holds a community meeting where student-athletes, faculty, and staff share information, applaud each other’s successes, and learn the time-honored tradition of “Word of the Day”.

Big Dog Values

CVA’s mascot is the “Big Dog”. Our vision is that each member of the community will maximize his/her potential through committing to:

  • Being the best in all you can do
  • Respecting yourself, others and other’s property
  • Cooperating to create a healthy community

B= Be there

I= Initiate

G= Give respect


D= Dedicate

O= Open your mind

G= Go for it!

Girls at CVA

The CVA culture provides an atmosphere where female student-athletes feel empowered and thrive. Young women leave CVA knowing that their future will be shaped by their own actions and initiatives.

Here’s what CVA graduates say about their high school years:

  • I learned about what is good for my body, and so now I know how to take care of myself. I don’t skip meals and I know what I need to feel strong. I am comfortable in my skin. - Kara Hoisington ‘02
  • The relationship we had with the guys at CVA taught me how to relate to them as friends, peers, and equals. This allows me to be myself around them. – Rachel Coffin ‘02
  • I am not afraid to speak my mind and share my views with adults, teachers, and coaches. I have very few fears. - Krista Hoisington ’03.

Student Life

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