Carrabassett Valley Academy's campus is located at Sugarloaf Mountain, in a four-season resort community offering skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, golfing, hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreational activities. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests, fields, and streams.  The famed Appalachian trail comes up the back side of Sugarloaf, over the Crocker Mountains, and along the Bigelow Mountain range and it is not uncommon to see  “through hikers” as they make their way to their final destination … Mt. Kathadin.

CVA’s campus consists of 4 buildings:  The Antigravity Complex, Murfey Hall,  Academic Center and the Capricorn.

Antigravity Complex

CVA student-athletes defy gravity every day in our Anti-Gravity Complex (AGC). Train year-round on our Olympic-quality trampolines, skate park and bowl, weight room, aerobics room, climbing wall, and indoor court. Combining controlled anti-gravity with great coaching CVA student-athletes add new tricks and sharpen their technique in the AGC - a one of a kind facility.

Murfey Hall

Entering the main entrance to this residence hall is a 3-story timber frame foyer and large co-ed student lounge with views of Sugarloaf to the South and Bigelow to the North. This home to CVA Big Dog boarding students houses 84 student beds and 6 faculty apartments.


When CVA first opened its doors in 1982 the Capricorn was the school's residential, academic and athletic facility. Throughout the schools 25 plus year history the Capricorn, once a ski dorm, has served many purposes. This facility is now home to administrative and coach offices, a dining area, and day room space for athletes and coaches.

Academic Center

A new academic center is connected to Murfey Hall which houses all of our classrooms plus a music and art center. It's a  17,000 square foot two story building with 14 classrooms with state of the art technology.


Maine's second highest peak at 4,237 feet with 2,820 vertical feet - the most continuous in New England - offers the only lift-serviced above-treeline skiing in the East. Sugarloaf's high altitude gets CVA Big Dogs on snow ahead of most and the vertical challenge prepares you for anywhere in the world. Just ask Bode Miller '96, Kirsten Clark '95, Seth Wescott '94, Jeremy Jones '93 and a long list of others.

Student Life

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