College Advising

The five-year moving average acceptance rate at the student’s first choice college (2011-2015) is 87%.

Many of the top colleges and universities have matriculated CVA student-athletes. We have excellent college placement with most students being accepted to their first choice.

Colleges love CVA students because:
• They have great time management skills
• They have the ability to solve problems and think critically
• They are strong advocates for their own learning and not afraid to ask questions

Carrabassett Valley Academy strives to help students create the strongest resume possible, so when they graduate they have the most post-secondary options. With a graduating class averaging twenty, Carrabassett Valley Academy’s college advisor, Andrea Lynes, is able to work closely with each student to ensure proper academic and SAT preparation.

Andrea assists student-athletes as they develop a compatible list of colleges to research. The students then attend college meetings and workshops; arrange interviews and college visits; and obtain and complete the applications.
The college selection process begins during the junior year as students engage in challenging academic curricula, prepare for the SAT, train and compete in their chosen sports, develop a list of schools to which they will apply, and meet very frequently with Andrea.

CVA teachers and coaches know their student/athletes extremely well and are able to write very personal, in-depth college recommendations that speak not only to the student’s academic abilities but their character, heart, and motivations.


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