TOEFL Preparation

This is an intensive writing course; in class, you will listen, read, speak, and write in English only. The class covers strategies for taking standardized tests and provides students with ample practice in the skills required to succeed on either the iBT or iPT TOEFL. International students that plan to take other tests of English language proficiency for non-native speakers, or who intend to take the SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests given in English, are advised to take this class.

Grading Categories
This class is graded on a pass/fail basis .

Homework for this class may include short reading and writing assignments, note-taking in other classes, and taking practice tests either on paper or online.

This class will meet once a week. In addition, students must attend a 15-minute check-in session with the teacher during study hall. Students may also be required to attend the ESOL class. During Winter Student Travel (WST), students may be required to remain in contact with the teacher by email or through participation in an online group forum.

All work for this class must be kept in one place and brought to every class; a three-ring binder is recommended.

Assessments (Quizzes & Tests)
You will receive the score results for all practice tests and quizzes, and an informal assessment of the quality of class notes and other assigned work. However, your grade in the class is based on the completion of these exercises and adherence to Class Expectations, and not on the practice test scores.


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