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Snowboard Weekend Program Newsletter – January 19th, 2018

Hello Weekend Program Families,

Thank you for all the support over last weekend. Racing, attending program, or taking a weekend at home, everyone was very helpful with communication, allowing a smooth moving weekend.

This weekend – Bring whatever board seems like a good fit. Those who raced last weekend will be riding on Saturday together. We will spend the morning doing a combination of riding and indoor wrap-up of the weekend’s events. Ideally we will then hit up the course again in the afternoon to do a bit more wrap-up. Lines, flat boards and a bit of start work will be on the agenda.

The crew that did not race will also do a wrap-up, observations, thoughts and plans for next time.

We have a nice break before our next event. February 11th is Slopestyle and Rail Jam at Lost Valley, and February 16, 17 and 18 will be Boardercross at Sunday River. In the upcoming weekends we will cover both event types in detail.

There is a Rail Jam Friday at 4:00. If anyone arrives early for the weekend, sign up is 2:00 – 3:30 at the Burton Store. As a non-usasa event we will not provide coaching for this event, but high-fives and riding tips will be shared as the event goes on as coaches can participate in this event as well.

Thank you,

Meghan Price



Snowboard Newsletter – January 5, 2018

Hello Weekend Program Families,
Thank you for a great vacation week. Cold temps didn’t stop us. Thank you for all who attended the potluck, our first and best so far!

Competitions -
Competitions for this weekend have changed. Our slope on Sunday has been postponed, and the gate races have been moved to Sunday. I held off sending this message waiting for this call, so thank you for your understanding. We now have GS/SL at Sunday River on Sunday. If this is your first event, gate races are fun and fast. Please email for further information.

If you are interested in any competitions this season, you will need to register at USASA. This gets you membership into our parent organization, which is required for our local events. USASA is also a great parent resource.

To register for each event, the signups are at the Maine Mountain Series Website, or on the USASA site. Signing up in advance is always recommended, it’s easier for everyone. Bill and Chrissy Hamell run the Maine Mountain Series. They are parents of two competitors, and both participated in events themselves, adding to the fun. They do a great job with planning our events, and thanks to them, we are able to allow all communication in regards to the event day to come from Maine Mountain Series directly. This eliminates any confusion and misinformation. The only information that will be coming from me and CVA on event day are things that are special for our team. All event communication will come from MMS. Both CVA and Maine Mountain use Team App.

Please let me know if you will be attending an event. The plans for the event will be either emailed sent via Team App depending on the event.

Boarder cross – Our first BX is at Sugarloaf on the 20th and 21st of January. There is a practice day on the 19th. This is an additional day to be on the course. It is a helpful day with an intense focus, not a free ride and play day. 
The practice day is not required to participate and it does have a course fee.

CVA is also holding a camp the week prior to the event. This is a Boarder cross focused camp and intended for serious and focused athletes. Further information can be found here.

Snowboard Skills & Athletic Development Camp: 1/16-1/18/18

Snowboard Pre-Nationals Camp: 2/18-2/25/18

This weekend -
It looks to be a cold one. As a snowboard program, our focus is always on safety, fun and learning. We aim to be on snow and snowboarding as much as possible. This weekend will be the same. We have some plans for video footage review, stance and alignment talks, and keeping warm in general. Please have your child come dressed to be outside, as we can always layer down upon coming inside.

Thank you very much, Meghan Price



Snowboard Weekend Program Newsletter - Christmas Break 2017

Weekend Program Familes,

Welcome to vacation week!!. Program will begin at 8:30 sharp on Wednesday, December 27. Please plan to arrive a bit early, at 8:20 for time to stretch and warm up. You can find the full seasons schedule here.

As always, if you will not be attending program please email or text Meghan @ 603.723.8512.

The forecast calls for it to be cold first few days of program for this week.. Use this as a way to check to see what layers work with the new Christmas clothes. Competitive snowboarding requires warmth without sacrificing mobility. The best way to do this is to use layers on colder days. Wearing a thicker base layer and adding a fleece or down vest can make a huge temperature difference. Hand and feet warmers are always a plus. Toe warmers should go on top of the toes to allow better airflow to keep them warm. Mittens are always warmer than gloves. Take boots off during lunch. This will warm up cold feet, prevents feet from sweating and also allows socks to dry out if they got wet in the morning.

December 27th at 5:00 we will be having a Pot Luck at the comp center. It is a chance to get everyone together – parents, athletes and family. Bring a dish to share. Please bring your family. For numbers, our group has 20 athletes and 4 coaches. Each member of our team has an average of 1.5 siblings. Keep things simple, just food to share, it’s vacation week. BYOB. Hippy snowboard style twist – if it works for your family, please bring a plate and a flatware set per person in your family to lessen waste. I will also bring paper plates and disposable silverware for use if needed. This is a chance for athletes to talk about goals for the season and parents to ask questions. For those new to the weekend program we will also be going over competitions and what to expect for this season, and future seasons.

Competitions start January 6th. The Weekend Program is a competition based program. This does not mean participating in competitions is required. It does mean that every participant will learn the skills needed to participate and be a strong competitor if they choose in USASA competitions. For those new to the program, we will go over competitions at the Pot Luck. Please look at the National USASA page which is our governing organization, and the Maine Mountain Series page who is our local organizer. 
Please register for Team App in the Apple or Google play store. Join the Carrabassett Valley Academy AND the Maine Mountain Series Groups at the same time.

Thank you for your time,

Meghan Price 


Snowboard Weekend Program Newsletter, December 22, 2017


Hello weekend program families,

It is officially winter!  Cold temps, wonderful snow, and more terrain opening every day.

There is no weekend program this weekend, December 23, 24, 25, and 26th.  Enjoy time as family, be it at Sugarloaf, home or traveling.  Be safe and have a great weekend!  

Program resumes on the 27th.

We will be hosting a Potluck supper at the Competition Center, in the Gondola Room, for the Snowboard Team on December 27th, from 5p.m. to 7p.m. 


Please bring something to share and enjoy with your fellow snowboard families. It will be a fun evening to mingle and meet new parents/coaches and kids. We will be having athlete goal setting as well as a parent question and answer sessions during this time.  

Have a fantastic weekend! Happy Holidays to you and yours!



Snowboard Weekend Program Newsletter December 15, 2017 

Hello Weekend Program Families!

Week two has come to a close. What a great weekend. Thank you to everyone for letting me know your weekend attendance plans.. This was very helpful in putting together the weekend. Did anyone catch the Grand Prix halfpipe comp Saturday afternoon? Being an Olympic year, there is a high likelihood of afternoon TV being snowboarding during this early winter season. It seems to be around 4 pm on NBC.  There is nothing quite like snowboarding all day and then getting to watch snowboarding on TV.

This past weekend was a “getting to know you” weekend. We mixed things up, new friends and new coaches. The original game plan was timing, but meeting new people and getting to know new coaches better seemed like a better fit for our Saturday. Our group this year consists of many riders about the same age and enthusiasm. It was a very good day and everyone is getting to know each other a bit better. Sunday was a wonderful powder day, day four of the program and with the new soft snow it finally felt like winter again, everyone’s feet seemed to be back where they were back in April.

A thing that may come up at the dinner table – CVA snowboard is one team. We do not have set groups with set coaches. This allows for a bit more variety in our training, in addition to accommodating the travel schedule for our coaches. Our team is sitting at 17 strong this year, so there will be many different combinations of our team that can happen each weekend. The training groups are put together with a focus behind them. Sometimes the groups will change each session, and sometimes they will stay the same all day or all weekend.

This past week the snowmakers and Mother Nature have opened up more of our terrain. Our training this weekend will be using this terrain to work on edging and quicker edge changes. Turn timing will be the skills we focus on for the weekend. Snowboarding requires fast feet, something all of the soccer and football players on our team can bring into the winter season. Any board is fine for this weekend; the snow coverage is wonderful so if you’ve been saving something it’s pretty safe out there from obstacles. It is a personal choice for the weekend.

There is no program the following weekend. (December 23 and 24)

If you will not be attending program this weekend, or missing a session, please let me know. Thank you,

Meghan Price Snowboard WP Manager



Hello Snowboard & Skicross Weekend Program Families!


Welcome to 2017 -2018 weekend program.  Welcome new families, welcome back returning families! 


Our weekly newsletter provides you with a quick wrap-up for the past weekend, and upcoming plans for the next few weekends. It will also appear on Team App, (on your phone, download and join the Carrabassett Valley Academy group), as well as on the CVA website. I aim to have it published on Wednesdays, but sometimes life gets in the way and it will be no later than Thursday.


One huge piece of the newsletter is helping with our coaching staff.  Each week I put in a request to let me know if you will not be at group that weekend. This allows me to make sure we are going to have the correct number of coaches on the hill for the weekend. On competition days this is also important to make sure we have enough coaches at home and at the event. An email or text would be great. I appreciate your help on this piece. 


Another method of communication will be email.  There will be times that an email works better to share information.  These emails are sent out to parents from the information you filled out on your application to the program.  If you would like a partner/spouse/guardian or co-parent added to this list, just send me the information. Email-only communication is reserved for competition information, super fun stuff or very serious subject matter. 


This past weekend- Great start to our winter. The weather was perfect, the smiles were huge, and the snow makers have done an amazing job giving us a great variety of terrain for us to enjoy.  Park, steeps, groomers, whales, and a smattering of rocks and trees.  


Upcoming - Our goal is to have every participant ride with every coach after this weekend.  We will be breaking into smaller groups to make navigation easier.  Our training this weekend is going to be on timing.  This is the order in which things happen, and being aware of when they happen.  


Things to think about - Snowboard boots need to be tight to make them work.  If you are a skier and not sure how to check about boot tightness, ask any coach and we will be happy to help show you and your athlete ways to get the best boot performance.   


Your child may be ready for the next step in gear.  Goggles are usually the first thing that swaps to adult size, and the helmet usually swaps at the same time.  Boots, bindings and boards in adult small sizes perform better, last longer and are more stable than kids’ equipment. Ask a coach for input on sizing and any other questions that you may have.


Thank you and see you this weekend,


Meghan Price

Snowboard Weekend Program Manager

Carrabassett Valley Academy







Dear Snowboard and Ski Cross CVA Weekend Program Families,   


The 2017-18 CVA Weekend Program is nearly here!   


Opening Day Schedule: December 2, 2017

8:00am – 8:30a.m. - Arrival and Family registration (If you ordered jackets, they will be available for pick-up at the registration tables)

8:30am – 11:00am. - Morning session

11:00am – 12:00p.m. - Lunch

12:00pm – 2:00pm - Afternoon Session


Meeting locations: Bill & Joan Alfond Competition Center

Alpine Participants/Families: Gondola Room

Freestyle Participants/Families: Tuning Room

Snowboard and Ski Cross Participants/Families: Conference Room


Snowboarders and Ski Cross athletes will meet in the Comp Center Conference Room for the first morning.  It is the little room to the right after the entryway. Look for the Snowboard/Ski Cross sign.  We re-group outside the comp center at 11 and everyone breaks for lunch.  After lunch we like to leave at 12, so please plan to arrive at 11:55.  We will return to the comp center at 2:00.  


For the first day, please check to make sure everything fits prior to arriving on Saturday morning.  If the Holiday Armadillo is bringing new snow pants and the old ones don't quite make it past the shin, perhaps an early gift might be in order.  If your child has new boots, have them tests them with bindings. Just like skis, binding adjustments are almost always needed with new boots.   Sometimes new bindings are needed, so this is a good thing to do prior to Friday night.


First day snowboards should be ones that are okay to ride in the park, hit a bit of grass, and have some fun.  If the new board is quite a bit longer, first day runs are usually the best on the old board.  New boards are fine as well, the snowmakers have done a wonderful job covering all of the terrain.  Please, no race boards until more terrain is open.   


Our communication processes will run the same as last year. We will continue to post Newsletters to the weekend program website as well as send them through Team App.  We encourage you to bookmark this page, updated news will be posted on Thursday afternoons. Please plan to check-in each week throughout the season.  In order to provide our coaching staff with a quick way to more directly send time sensitive information to parents, and as a forum for parents to chat and organize with one another, our program uses a FREE downloadable app: Team App*.  Team App* can be downloaded for free to your handheld device, or you may enroll via your desktop. In order to receive messages, you will need to set up an account and join the Carrabassett Valley Academy group.


Maine Mountain Series USASA uses Team App to communicate all competition information as well, so all your information will be coming from one place.


Our Marketing and Communications Director, Sarah Perry, will be available at the Comp Center on opening weekend to provide training and support for newcomers to the App, or those experiencing any other technical difficulties. She will have three girls in the program this year, so will also be around and available throughout the season as well.


One final note, many of you will have noticed a change in online registration. We are now utilizing a much more robust software interface for all auxiliary programs at CVA. Please do not use links from last year to access registration forms. Please contact CVA Coordinator of Auxiliary Programs, Venise Fournier with any questions throughout the season: or at 207-237-4459.  


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Meghan Price

Snowboard Weekend Program Manager

Carrabassett Valley Academy


Mobile: 603.723.8512 






December 7, 2016


Thank you everyone for a great first weekend.  The first weekend has so many moving parts, and it worked out great this year. Thank you for your time on Saturday afternoon.  As coaches we are using this feedback from the athletes to set up the season.


This upcoming weekend Alex Wulff and Hailey will be taking a coaching class so they will not be joining us, but we will see them out on the hill.


We will try to get gates setup this weekend prior to the race next weekend.  Due to limited terrain I am unsure if I can make that happen, but first I will try every tactic I know that make it happen.  I will be at the race coaching next weekend.


Conditions are still early season, however snow is falling.  When picking a board to use for the day, keep in mind the early season snow.



Parent Handbook is here:Please take an evening and look over this, many questions that have come up in the past have been added to this year's handbook.  


This Saturday, December 10th the Comp Center’s Gondola Room will be closed at Noon in order to set up for the Dedication. Please move all your personal items out of the room by Noon. You are welcome to store your items in the wax room.



The CVA January camp is fast approaching.  Please look here for more information.  For those interested but concerned about academics, in the state of Maine it is highly likely your home school has experience with working with CVA about academics.  I will be able to answer more detailed questions this weekend.  


Meghan Price
CVA Snowboard Weekend Program Manager



December 2, 2016

Hello and here we go!

Welcome to the first weekend of the 2016 - 2017 season!  It was great to see many of you over the summer and fall. Thank you for stopping by and saying, ”hello”; it made Main Street feel like home.
On Saturday, December 3, we will be meeting at the New Competition Center at 8:00. By 8:30 we will be off and running.  We will be experiencing early season conditions, so please come prepared for a bit of a slower paced day as we get our body, mind and soul in line for a fantastic season.
Parents, athletes, and coaches will meet at 1:30 at the Competition Center.  Traditionally this has been a pizza and goal setting meeting but we may swap to donuts this year. I’ll see what the team thinks.
Staffing updates -  
  • Colin Mello has joined the CVA Boardercross development program.  Colin’s mix of snowboarding, his degree in education and his love of physical fitness make this a great fit for Colin and CVA.  He’s with the CVA team in Austria for the next few weeks, but he’ll be joining us on weekends and at competitions, so he won’t be far away.

  • Cam Audet has decided to focus on finishing his degree this season.  While we are sad we won’t be seeing him every weekend, he’s around Carrabassett and I think we can count on seeing him frequently.  He’ll be down at the Sugarbowl so stop by and say “hello.”

  • This season Alex Wulff, a UMF graduate with a passion for snowboarding, will join our team. He is also working with Sugarloaf’s park crew, so we’ll have a heads-up on the park set up prior to hitting the chair!

  • Gabe Sylvestre is joining us from Woodward at Copper.  He spent time at Sunday River before his  westward migration. Like me, he’s a Maine transplant. There’s something about this place that brings you back once you’ve spent a little time in Carrabassett.  

  • Sugarloaf and CVA are about family, and we are taking this literally by adding Gabe’s brother Derek to the coaching team. Gabe convinced him that Sugarloaf was worth leaving Sunday River for, let’s prove that true.  (however we do love our Gould family)

  • After being the only female for 3 years, I’m bringing some female friends this year.  Haley Michienzi and Katie Wilson are CVA Post Graduate competitors who I’ve asked to join our coaching staff . They have a wealth of knowledge in Boardercross.  Nikki Pilavakis will also be joining us this season as a guest coach.

There is so much more to share, I’ve just been waiting for the season to start.  I will see you all Saturday morning (and afternoon)!
Meghan Price
CVA Snowboard Weekend Program Manager


Hello Weekend Program Families! 

We hope you are enjoying your summer and have transitioned from goggle to farmer's tans. We are both very excited to once again be a part of the CVA community – USSA’s 2016 Club of the Year! – and look forward to seeing you and your children. We are talking with parents, coaches and Sugarloaf personnel, creating calendars, inventorying equipment and designing programming to help ensure this season builds upon the program’s proven excellence. We will continue to be in touch as more plans are finalized and details become available. 

Key notes today: 

Weekend Program Registration for the 2016/2017 season is NOW LIVE. Please note: to save $75 on your registration fee you must submit all forms and payment by October 11th.  

The program will run from December 3rd, 2016 to April 2nd, 2017. All other aspects (times, training during vacation weeks) of the program will remain unchanged. The price is the same as last year. 


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on opening day! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact either of us. 

Meghan Price
CVA Snowboard Weekend Program Manager
Alex Tuttle
CVA Snowboard & Ski Cross Program Director
(207) 491-7447


3197 Carrabassett Drive
Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947


Fax: 207.237.2213