Parent Support Organization (PSO)

The mission of the PSO is to promote understanding, cooperation, and communication among parents, teachers, and coaches and to supplement, where needed, the financial and cultural resources of CVA.

The PSO accomplishes its work through 3 committees:

  1. The Student Activities Committee’s goal is to enhance student life at CVA through activities such as holiday parties, theme nights, and desert nights
  2. The Communication Committee’s goal is to develop, us, and improve tools to share information about CVA with parents, teachers, and coaches
  3. The Fundraising Committee’s goal is to raise money to pay for PSO activities and to fund requests submitted in an annual “wish list” from teachers, coaches, and staff

How parents get more involved with the CVA community:

  1. Participate on a PSO committee. Participation from a distance is possible- and encouraged
  2. Attend PSO meetings
  3. Participate in CVA/PSO fundraising events such as the Wreath Sale and Scholarship Event
  4. Attend PSO sponsored socials
  5. Communicate with PSO officers and committee chairs

Student Life

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