Upcoming Events: 

CVA at the Audi FIS World Cup, Killington Vermont

Join CVA representatives to cheer on the sport's best November 23 - 25th at Killing Mountain Resort. 

Young athletes are invited to walk in the Parade of Eastern Clubs on Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

RSVP HERE or contact CVA Director of Enrollment, Erin Whipple for more information.

PSO Wreath Sale

The CVA Parent Support Organization Annual Balsam Wreath Sale was started in 1986 by a few dedicated CVA Moms in the basement of the Capricorn. These Moms made, packaged, shipped and hand delivered wreaths. Today the Wreath Sale continues at full strength. The beautiful balsam wreaths are made locally in Maine and shipped all over the US and we continue to hand deliver to the greater Sugarloaf Community. Proceeds from the sale support educational, cultural, and athletic projects at CVA, all contributing to the thriving educational and athletic environment at Carrabassett Valley Academy.
Ordering Deadline for Sugarloaf area delivery: DECEMBER 6, 2018
Ordering Deadline for shipped wreaths: DECEMBER 20, 2018

2018 Prices

12" Standard Wreath w/Red Bow: $30.00

12" Deluxe Wreath w/Bow & Pine Cones: $34.00

Shipping: $9.95 per Wreath (U.S. Only)

Our volunteers can also hand-deliver your wreath(s) to your Sugarloaf area home.  

Wreaths not being shipped/delivered can be picked up at CVA on December 8th and 9th. 



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