Upcoming Events:


CVA Awards Luncheon: June 1, 12:15pm, Anti-Gravity Complex


CVA Senior Banquet: June 1, 6-9pm, Location TBD (for CVA Seniors and their families)


CVA 2018 Graduation:  June 2, 10am, Richard Bell Chapel, Sugarloaf


Event Roundup

2018 Scholarship Fundraiser


The 2018 CVA Scholarship event was a wonderful success thanks to our incredibly supportive community. 400 tickets were sold, with half of ticket holders attended the evening event and raising just over $90,000, beating last year’s total and creeping ever-so-close to the ambitious $100,000 goal!

The $1,000 Early Bird winner/s were Win and Vici Robinson. Vici, a CVA Trustee, generously donated their winnings directly back to the CVA Scholarship Fund.

The $10,000 Grand Prize winner/s were Skanlon and Heather Sittig, parents of CVA Weekend Program athlete, Lilly. The Sittig’s generously donated $5,000 of their winnings back to the CVA Scholarship Fund.

The community spirit of CVA was represented in full at this year’s fundraiser. Taking the role of auctioneer, Greg Powers from WSKI made the live bidding event exciting and enjoyable for all. CVA student-athletes Emma Downing and Ella Spear were also one hand to assist during the live auction and raffle draw.

The Scholarship event is critical for CVA to remain true to the mission the founders set forth nearly forty years ago, to make CVA available to all deserving student athletes, nationally, internationally and perhaps most importantly, locally.



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