"For over 30 years CVA’s facilities have provided an environment for athletic and academic excellence. The new campus will ensure that tradition continues for another 30 years. Now is an exciting time to be a part of the CVA community!”

- Kate Webber Punderson '89, Head of School


Building on Tradition, Forging our Future


Thirty five years ago, CVA’s founders bet that an old ski lodge would serve as the perfect home for what was then a fledgling Academy. They were right. Since then, the Capricorn and all of its quirks have become an indelible part of CVA’s success. To Big Dogs past and present, the brown building on Rt. 27 has always been an integral part of the CVA experience.

In 2000, a visionary group of CVA supporters recognized the need for new facilities. Their vision was simple: to develop a safe, modern, and purpose-built campus to accommodate CVA’s world-class programs. They knew this was a crucial step to secure CVA’s future for generations to come.

The initial phase of the New Campus Campaign was completed in 2007 and resulted in the acquisition of land, general infrastructure improvements, construction of the Spencer Murfey, Jr. residence hall and the creation of the Fremont-Smith soccer field and running track on the King Cummings Campus.

The second phase of the campaign was completed in 2016 and resulted in two key initiatives vital to the school’s near and long term success: building a new academic center and increasing our endowment. The completion of the academic center was an important milestone that has enabled us to make a full operational shift to the King Cummings Campus. The enhanced endowment will allow us to attract the most talented student athletes from around the world, regardless of their financial situation.  How truly fitting that these important goals converge as we moved to the campus named for the man who’s steadfast commitment to financial stability and operational excellence made so many wonderful things happen in Maine.

Following in the tracks of the dedicated and passionate CVA supporters who have come before us, now it is our turn to make our mark on this unique program. Please join us as we build on tradition and forge our future.




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