Spring Family Weekend & Big Dog Dash


Spring Family Weekend is a great time for parents, students, CVA staff, and other community members to get together and catch up after a busy winter. The highlight of the weekend is our annual BIG DOG DASH, which was developed to challenge members of the CVA community in both athleticism and intelligence.  This grueling and mentally challenging course will bring the community together through teamwork, determination and of course FUN! Teams will be judged on team spirit, costume, and overall performance. 2013 rules:

♦  Teams of four have been selected by the students.  They must have at least two disciplines represented and one female on each team.

♦  All teams will begin simultaneously and complete a .7 mile woods loop and then enter into the challenge staging area. 

♦  Once all four members of the team have entered into the challenge staging area, the team may select one of ten challenges from the challenge area. 

♦  At each challenge the team will receive instruction to complete the challenge and may not leave the challenge until they have successfully completed  the challenge and received a stamp of completion.

♦  After a stamp of completion is attained teams will then enter back onto the .7 mile loop through the designated reentry point.

♦  If all challenges are occupied when a team enters the challenge area, the team must wait in the staging area until a free challenge is available.  First come first serve for challenges.

♦  Challenges may be completed in any order.

♦  When teams have completed eight challenges and received stamps of completion, they will race one final lap to the finish area and where their challenges completed will be verified and they will be awarded successful completion of the BIG DOG DASH 2013 coveted trophy!!!!

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