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CVA has an incredible group of alumni who have accomplished many impressive things - from earning Olympic Gold to owning their own business, our Big Dogs have done it all! CVA teaches students to be thoughtful, engaged and dedicated community members with excellent time management skills, independence, and a competitive drive. These are just the skills that often make CVA students so appealing to colleges and prepare them well for life’s adventures and opportunities. Our alumni go on to a broad range of career paths after leaving CVA.

Alumni profiles

If you would like to learn more about some of our alumni, please visit our Alumni Profile page

Submitting an alumni profile showcases to the greater CVA community what you have been doing since graduation while also highlighting the rich diversity in career paths that CVA alumni take. Please consider sending us your profile! Contact Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs, Melissa Fogg, for more information. 

Alumni Olympians

Olympic athletes represent the best of the best from their country on the world’s stage. It’s no surprise then that CVA has been the starting point for many Olympians’ journey to the top. We are proud to showcase these fine athletes on our Alumni Olympians page

Connect with CVA Alumni

If you are a prospective family looking to learn more about the CVA experience from someone who has lived it first hand, please contact Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs, Melissa Fogg, to request contact information for an alumnus. 

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