Passion for the outdoors, FUN, and individual successes are important motivating factors in all winter sport athletes.  At CVA we encourage athletes to define what they are a part of and more importantly what they wish to get out of each experience.  In outlining these steps and involving each athlete in this process they become grounded in their own personal development.  Athletes may now become part of the solutions to their success and enjoy the experience with a broader sense of what they are involved in.

At CVA snowboard we will guide as coaches, mentors and role models and will seek the highest levels of motivation, determination, and the hard work necessary from each athlete towards their personal best.


Defining Success

  • Why am I here?
  • Motivation
  • Commitment
  • Team (all contributors) buy in

Goal Setting

  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Long and Short term
  • Major Focus on factors within realm of control (fitness, academics, equipment, personal)
  • Minor Focus on factors out of control (results used as markers in time)


  • Human Performance model
  • Evaluate current fitness
  • Establish recording process(ups, downs, daily weekly, etc.)
  • Evaluate prior success (define what is working)
  • Identify weaknesses/imbalances (fitness, nutrition sociological, etc.)


  • Conditioning
  • Equipment
  • Competition
  • Yearly(Periodization Plan)
  • Four year (CVA Plan)


  • Controlling your environment
  • Time management
  • Focus on small tasks

Evaluation (feedback)

  • Athlete Evaluations
  • Athlete Journal
  • Result Tracking

Recognizing Success

  • Realization of Goals



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