Grades 9-12


The Elite group will focus on a mastery of skills related to competitive snowboarding in slopestyle and halfpipe.  A complete understanding of all aspects of competitive snowboarding including, but not limited to; training technique, competition tactics, and understanding of judging principles (FIS and IJC) will be required.  Additionally athletes will begin compiling video and photo documentation and working on a resume for sponsorship purposes.  Effective use of this media and maintenance of these potential sponsorship relationships will be covered.  The basics of filming, being filmed and creating video parts will be an ongoing project.  Athletes will primarily be competing in Grand Prix, Revolution Tour, TTR Tour, FIS/Nor-am events as well as USASA events as needed to enhance and continue overall progression.  Athletes in this group will also be encouraged to qualify into FIS Jr. Worlds, Project Gold and other invite only and promotional style events.



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