Human Performance

At CVA we focus on long-term athlete development and applying the appropriate and latest research principles to promote the development of overall athleticism in our student athletes.

Performance is influenced by many factors including: 

  • Natural ability
  • Physiological ability
  • Social environment
  • Developmental sporting experience
  • Coaching support and resource provision
  • Chance factors (a.k.a. – luck)
  • Commitment, motivation, mental toughness

A developing athlete's performance can also be influenced by:

  • Physiological development
  • Development of overall athleticism
  • Nutrition
  • Performance psychology
  • Proper goal setting, focusing on the process and journey vs. outcomes
  • Proper performance planning

CVA focuses on age appropriate deliberate programming in order to provide each athlete with the ability to excel individually.

We work as a team to foster positive growth and development.  The team consists of the parents, administration, teachers, coaching staff, and sports medicine.  Working as a team of professionals we are able to provide a solid platform where student athletes can feel free to work just outside their comfort zone in order to grow both athletically and as an individual. 

The human performance program has been created to enhance the quality of the developmental experience for young skiers and snowboarders in providing them a program that is skill based.  CVA provides a training and competition environment to develop their game and overall athletic physical and mental base through three simple best practices:


CVA provides young athletes an inspirational learning environment designed to amplify their PASSION for snow sports. The experience of aiming your passion towards a dream will teach valuable and rewarding life-long lessons.  Because passionate athletes are more apt to go out and practice more often on their own the love of sport is the most important gift we can transfer to our young CVA athletes. 


High performing athletes are technically skilled, at CVA we place tremendous emphasis on technical skill development and individual mastery.  Technical skills are the foundation of ALL great athletes and are the building blocks of positive self-esteem.


As our athletes move up the ranks the more important your decision-making becomes (both on and off the hill).  Sports science data indicates attitude and behavior can be learned or acquired.  CVA places emphasis on developing the whole athlete, which includes the mental components of youth development. 

We stress the importance of attitude and core values such as effort, pride, and respect. “If I can train my body to perform, I can train my mind” at CVA we instill in our athletes an attitude in which hard work is held in the highest esteem.


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