Freeride Skiing (All Mountain Competition)


FreeRide skiing applies basic ski skills in the sidecountry where athletes train on terrain that is in the woods and in the snowfields. Skiers challenge themselves against the mountain and natural terrain elements while learning how to navigate different routes down challenging terrain. Skiing with a balance of finesse, speed and tricks, athletes test themselves against terrain that the IFSA and Ski The East events offer. FreeRide skiers at Carrabassett Valley Academy possess the ability to ski long durations with steep descents and utilize the terrain around them to showcase their creativity and skills for judges and fans. 

Our addition of the FreeRide team under the Freestyle program has given athletes 3 disciplines to choose from, Moguls/FreeSkiing/FreeRide. The FreeRide team has helped bring events, training opportunities and support from Sugarloaf, our partner. CVA is offering FreeRide skiing with a competitive pipeline of events and training opportunities. 

CVA Freeride Development Team

"If you want to train for big mountain endeavors, spend time in big mountains." -Jimmy Chin

Skiing in the backcountry and side country is rapidly growing and middle school students are becoming increasingly interested in the two disciplines that utilize that terrain; Freeride and Backcountry.  We have found that eighth graders don’t always have a clear sense of which discipline they want to focus on or may need a year to learn skills or gain maturity; the Freeride Development team might be for them.

Who is the Freeride Development Team for?

  • Students in 8th grade who have not decided between Freeride and Backcountry;
  • Students in 8th grade who know they would like to focus on Backcountry, but because of skill level/maturity need a year to prepare before they enter that program;
  • Students who are age 14 and under who know they want to focus on Freeride, and are not old enough to do the ISFA competitions

What will the Freeride Development Team learn?  

This is a skill building year where the Freeride Development Team will be exposed to both Freeride and Backcountry. They will learn how to tour in the back/side country with AT gear and will also learn the how pick the terrain, line, and maneuvers required for the Freeride competitions.

Are competitions and travel required?

The Freeride Development Team will compete in the New England Freeride Competitions (generally there are 4 of them) and will take a western training trip in mid to late winter.

For more information: Nate McKenzie, Development Freeride Coach,, 207-441-4759. Or, Dawn Smith, Admissions Director, 207-237-4466.


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