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Human Performance Camps

The CVA Human Performance camps focus on fun and overall development of athletes.  Here at CVA we recognize that conditioning is a yearlong process, we have developed these camps so athletes can gain access to sports scientists and coaches during the off-season when school is not in session.  If you are not measuring your fitness you are not managing your fitness.  The CVA Human Performance camps give athletes the opportunity to evaluate their fitness while gaining an invaluable education in athleticism. 

The Human Performance camps have been designed to improve an athlete’s performance as well as reduce the risk of injury while playing sports.  Athletes will have fun learning to:

  • Increase flexibility, balance, and coordination – functional movement training.
  • Enhance core strength and muscle control involved in maintaining body alignment during activities.
  • Improve running form.
  • Increase agility and foot speed while maintaining proper form.
  • Enhance muscle control and strength through plyometric/jump training.
  • Lift properly, including Olympic style lifting technique, taught with an age appropriate progression.
  • Engage in a review of their eating habits, hydration status, and the various methods used for recovery through educational sports science presentations.

All athletes will complete a fitness evaluation and receive a personal report with test scores at the end of camp including feedback.




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