Alpine Youth Development Programs

CVA offers a wide variety of youth development programs. Children can train year-round in a number of different camps and programs. 

CVA Weekend Program

The CVA Weekend Program is designed for skiers from ages 7 (if ability allows)-19 who are interested in competing in SL, GS, and SG (when age appropriate). Athletes ski with a Weekend Program coach on weekends and vacation weeks from December through April.


CVA Winter Camps are for alpine athletes looking to gain extra time on snow, train on world class courses and experience life at Carrabassett Valley Academy and its facilities. The camps offer drills, gate training, video analysis, school work monitoring and much more.

Summer Camps include a variety of camps including Mammoth, Mt. Hood, France and others. A great way to improve your skills and have fun over the summer.

Bridge Camps

The objective of this program is to provide a bridge for the 6th , 7th, and 8th grade athlete from a weekend training program to a full-time program.  This is a chance for athletes to integrate into the CVA community and experience a full-time coaching staff committed to providing the opportunity for an athlete to be the best they can be. The intention of this program is to assist athletes and families in the transition from a weekend program to a 5 month winter term or a full year commitment to CVA. 

Training Days 

Get extra time on snow and improve your performance and confidence by skiing in our training day groups. This offers Weekend Program athletes and others a great opportunity to grab extra time on snow, work in small groups and ski with great coaches and full time CVA athletes.


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