Alumni Profiles

Rebecca London ’09


Current town: Washington, D.C.
Hometown: Carrabassett Valley, ME
CVA Discipline: Freestyle Skiing

Rebecca London ’09 works for small bipartisan government-affairs, consulting and lobbying firm. She supports two of the senior vice-presidents in their day to day and long term work. Her job is fast paced, can change quickly, and requires her to be flexible. Rebecca handles issues related to financial services, transportation, energy and environment. Rebecca describes a typical day’s work, “[it] includes writing policy briefs and memos related to client interests, watching and summarizing congressional hearings, and helping with my bosses' outreach to congressional and executive branch officials. In thinking back to her time at CVA, Rebecca remarked, “What I learned at CVA helped prepare me for the fast paced job I'm doing now. In college and now in the professional world, I know how to prioritize and balance everything I have to accomplish, and that's because of the environment at CVA.” 

Alex Jenson ’13


Current town: Park City, UT
Hometown: Waterville, ME
CVA Discipline: Mogul Skiing

Alex Jenson ’13 is currently living in Park City, Utah pursuing her dreams of making the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team. She is a member of the United States Development Group for the third year in a row and trains with Team Park City United. She hopes to have a strong season and be named to the United States Ski Team for the 2016/2017 season.  Alex is also continuing her education at the University of Utah where she is majoring in biology. Karen, her biology teacher at CVA, had a strong influence on Alex’s decision to pursue this degree. The transition hasn’t been hard for Alex because of her time at CVA and she is looking forward to being a student-athlete again. She plans to attend medical school after she graduates and retires from competitive skiing. 

Jake Payson ’06

Current town: Carrabassett Valley, ME
Hometown:  Harpswell, ME
CVA Discipline: Freestyle Skiing


While attending Sierra Nevada College in California, Jake Payson ’06 started coaching on the side and fell in love with helping the next generation of skiers develop their skills in Freeskiing. He spent most of his college years coaching for Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation in Lake Tahoe, CA. During his tenure there he created a competitive Freeski team that traveled all over the Tahoe Basin. Through all of this he was still a full time college student and graduated in ’10, earning a Bachelor Degree in humanities with a concentration in psychology. In 2011 Jake came back to CVA so he could give back to the community that helped him become who he is today. After recently being promoted from Head Park and Pipe coach to Head Freeski Coach and Assistant Program Director, Jake says that, “CVA is more than a school to me; it’s home.” 

Terry Brown ’87

Current town: Yarmouth, ME 
Hometown: Manchester, MA CVA
Discipline:  Freestyle Skiing


Terry Brown ’87 learned to ski at Sugarloaf at age 3 when his parents were ski instructors on the mountain.  He and his sister, Kristen, joined the Freestyle program and began competing in 1977.  By 1979 they were attending winter tutorial sessions at Sugarloaf so they could train daily and his parents helped relocate the program from the basement of the Chapel to the Capricorn Lodge when CVA was born.  After placing 1st at the Freestyle Nationals in Winter Park, CO in 1985, Terry had significant knee trouble, and he transferred to Pomfret School in CT, graduating Cum Laude in 1988. He graduated from Georgetown University in 1992 with a major in International Relations and a minor in Italian, and he worked for President George H. W. Bush in the White House Press Office and later as a foreign policy analyst for UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick.  Terry attended NYU Stern School of Business where he earned an MBA with a double major in International Economics and International Business in 1996.  He worked for five years in global marketing with Citibank on Wall Street, in Milan, Italy and then in Los Angeles, CA, before spending a decade working as a professional TV, film and theatre actor and writer. Read More

Alex Karol ’05   

Current town: Cambria, CA (near Big Sur) 
Hometown: Wayland, MA CVA
Discipline: Freeride Skiing


Alex Karol ’05 is currently the Farm Manager at Linn’s Farm in Cambria, California, where he has been working for the past two and half years.  He manages a diverse organic vegetable farm and orchard for Linn’s farm-to-table restaurant.  The farm grows 60 different varieties of vegetables primarily for the restaurant and a weekly farmers’ market and sells their excess to other local restaurants and grocery stores.  Their main crops are heirloom tomatoes and lettuce. Prior to this position, Alex  worked for many years landscaping and gardening and always loved being outside and working with his hands.  He came to organic farming from “a desire to be part of the solution instead of the problem when it comes to the health of the environment that sustains us. Growing food ecologically seemed like the noblest thing I could do with my time, not only benefitting the earth but the people who eat it.” Read More

Katharine von Herrmann ’07   

Current town: New York, NY 
Hometown: Piedmont, CA
CVA Discipline: Alpine Skiing


After Katharine von Herrmann ’07 graduated from CVA, she continued on to Smith College where she competed on the ski team with fellow Big Dogs Emma Coffin ’08 and Hope Wilson ’09. While at Smith, she studied biochemistry and attributes her early excitement about science to two of her favorite classes at CVA: Biology with Karen and Chemistry with Shelley, noting that their enthusiasm for science was contagious. While biochemistry can certainly be a challenging major, Katharine found that she was well prepared for her college science classes. Her time at CVA taught her to be a thoughtful, engaged and dedicated student-athlete. Looking to apply what she had learned about healthy muscle fiber development to a model of muscle disease, she joined the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation after graduating from the Smith Biology Masters Program in 2013. Read More

Hilary Marie Thompson ’09  

Current town: Boston, MA
Hometown: Bath, ME 
CVA Discipline: Snowboarding


About a year ago Boston Bag Co. brought Marie Thompson ’09 on board to bring their 87 year old company into the retail market by creating a suitable brand identity and a new bag line that embraces their heritage quality and classic design aesthetic. She is currently working as the lead designer and director at Boston Bag Co. Ever since Marie was a kid, she loved sewing and would spend hours upon hours creating clothes for her dolls, sewing bags for herself, or making her own clothing. Today as an industrial designer she focuses on soft goods design, i.e. bags, shoes, and outerwear.  Read More

Benjamin Bisson ’09  

Current town: Carrabassett Valley, ME 
Hometown: Woolwich, ME 
CVA Discipline: Snowboarding


After leaving CVA, Benjamin Bisson ’09 felt fully prepared to face whatever challenges life could throw at him and that fall he began his journey through Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He found himself far more equipped than most First-Years; Benjamin quickly began to respect the term “Co-Curricular”, a word often used to describe CVA community, and for good reason, as he found that balancing CVA’s rigorous athletic program and demanding academics for five years certainly helped him stand out among his peers at Westmont. Having been so well trained in time management, he was able to balance his love of surfing with his academics. Read More 

Rachel Goodermote ’05 

Home town: Stowe, VT
Current City: Takoma Park, MD (just outside of DC)
CVA Discipline: Freestyle Skiing


Rachel Goodermote ’05 recently finished a Masters of Science in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, where she focused on international health and emergency preparedness. The capstone project for her Masters was spent in Indonesia with the non-profit organization Mercy Corps, where she worked on disaster risk reduction in mostly urban or peri-urban communities. The largest issue these communities faced was flooding, which has been made worse by dense populations and climate change. Rachel’s interest in natural hazards stemmed from her undergraduate experience at Bates College in Maine, where she combined her studies in anthropology with her love for the outdoors – something all Big Dogs develop during their time at CVA. Rachel feels that being a student-athlete at CVA taught  her to be a self-starter and  that the experience on the freestyle travel team and incredible teachers at CVA encouraged her to continue exploring the world. Currently Rachel is working on projects related to climate change and public health in the Baltimore/ D.C. area.

Carter Witherspoon ’02  

Current town: Boston, MA 
Hometown: Kingfield, ME 
CVA Discipline: Alpine Skiing


After graduating from CVA, Carter Witherspoon ’02 joined the Corps of Cadets at Norwich University for two years before transferring to Rollins College in Florida. In the spirit of keeping his college career going, he transferred a second time to the University of Southern Maine and graduated in 2008. Carter then worked at Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Bank and BNY Mellon Wealth Management. After Wells Fargo, Carter moved on to work in the Mortgage Division at Bank of America where he was responsible for selling consumer mortgages with a focus on the affluent client space. He currently lives in Boston with his wife Brooke and dog Maple. Brooke and Carter enjoy spending winter weekends skiing at Sugarloaf and summer weekends on the coast of Maine. Carter has remained actively involved with CVA as Chairman of the Alumni Committee and a member of the Board of Trustees.

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