Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar is a spring course developed to provide seniors with essential information as they start their post-secondary schooling and begin to make their way in the world.  Below is a snap shot of the topics covered in the weekly meetings:

  • Housing – What is a lease;  how to read a lease and what it means to sign one; how to anticipate costs in addition to rent; how to read rental applications; how to supply references, and how to financially share housing with roommates.
  • Legal issues now you are 18- What are your legal rights; how do consequences change that you are now 18
  • Cars- How to change a tire; how to buy a car, fundamentals of care maintenance
  • Financials -  How is a credit rating computed and why is it important; the basics of loans, managing a budget and daily finances; online banking. Much of the presentation focused on student loans and how they can positively/negatively affect credit depending on how they are handled
  • College life- Two recent alumni spoke to the group about their college experiences.



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