Academic Center

Part of the king cummings campus

Providing purpose built educational space to foster the highest level of teaching and learning for CVA student-athletes. 


  • 10 Classrooms - 7, 995 sq. ft. with 2 Science Labs
  • 1,700 sq. ft.1 Art Studio - 700 sq. ft. (including a ceramics studio with potter wheel and kiln)
  • Music Room - 570 sq ft. (sound isolated)
  • For a total of 10,965 sq. ft. of instructional space

All instructional spaces are equipped with interactive technology and wireless high speed internet. The building is designed to be energy efficient with radiant heat and energy saving lighting.

In addition to the instructional space, the building includes: two study lounges, locker spaces, teachers’ room, conference room, 5 administrative offices, and a 1600 sq. ft. multi-purpose atrium.

It was built in 2013 and is attached to the dorm which was completed in 2007.


All classrooms are equipped with projection systems allowing teachers and students to wirelessly display material from their Chromebooks.   


“Having a classroom with dedicated lab benches and supplies has been incredibly useful for conducting multiple day labs. The space and light in the classroom has made it a wonderful place for students to learn and grow. We have a beautiful view of the mountain which inspires us all on a daily basis and reminds us that excellence in both academics and athletics is achievable.”

- Karen Lanoue-Egan, Science Teacher



3197 Carrabassett Drive
Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947


Fax: 207.237.2213