The CVA story has been written by many people. Whether you are a student, weekend program athlete/parent, employee, alumni, donor, grandparent, friend, alumni parent, current parent, Ski Club member, or Sugarloafer, you have contributed a vital thread to the fabric of our school. Your CVA has built Our CVA, and Our CVA is a place of which we are all proud!

The culture and success of CVA is determined by how individual community members approach their time here and their connection with the school. As an institution, we will explore and celebrate this idea throughout the year. My CVA - Our CVA is a path to memories and reflection, celebration and school spirit. It is an opportunity to see how far we have come as individuals and as a school, as well as a chance to look forward and see what the future may bring. 


“I remember my second day at CVA. I was so happy, but sort of homesick, caught in transitioning between missing home and loving it here.  And I guess being upset must have been obvious, because every single person, staff and student, asked me if I was okay or if I needed to talk or if they could help. Everyone was willing to listen and cheer me up. And that’s when I knew CVA was someplace special, where everyone genuinely cares about and takes an interest in you. To me, that sums up CVA: helpful, kind people dedicated to you.”

- Bianca Marcello '16



Boarding school 800 km from home was not in our vernacular. Our son Liam’s desire to chase his racing dreams soon caused us to begin the difficult process of reviewing alternatives. CVA quickly became the only choice for a variety of reasons. One day, after meeting with Liam’s teachers, we were left with some of the deepest and most revealing insights into our son’s ability to grasp concepts, learn, and formulate his own thoughts. We saw mutual respect, caring and partnerships between student and teacher. It took us four years of college to find this. We simultaneously punctuated the moment with a high-five, because we knew  that all was well and we had made one of the best decisions in our son’s life. Three years later, we still high-five.

- Gar & Susan Moffatt, parents of Liam '15

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