Leadership Development and Student Leadership

The role of leadership is critical in meeting challenges.  In recognition of the important role that effective leadership skills play in providing today’s students an advantage in tomorrow’s competitive world, we provide support for a student’s individual and group leadership skills.

Student-athletes serve in leadership positions on the Student Council or as Peer Mentors and/or Tutors.  Student leaders serve as a vital communication link between the student body and faculty to express opinions, provide feedback, and effect change. They are also role models for the rest of the student body.

Student Council

Members represent the ideas and interests of the student body by planning, promoting and hosting community based events and activities. Council members also work with school officials to represent the ideas, interests and concerns of the study body in regards to school policies and rules. The Student Council is a student run organization and meets once a week, members are elected by their peers through a democratic voting system.

Peer Mentors

Students entering grades 10-12 can apply each spring to become a peer mentor. They undergo a rigorous application process and retain their positions for their time at CVA once elected. The role of a peer mentor is to guide and support other students helping to create a safe, supportive and productive environment. Peer Mentors become mental health first aid and suicide prevention certified and serve as the link between students and staff to address students of concern and promote a positive culture.

Peer Tutors

Peer Tutors apply and are approved by the teachers in order to provide one-on-one support for students needing academic assistance as requested by the student or recommended by the teacher. Support services can include organizational, motivational and content help as well as study skill and time management education. Peer Tutors undergo tutor training and log their hours in order to reach Level 1 or Level 2 tutor status.

Student Life

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