Leadership Development

The role of leadership is critical in meeting challenges.  In recognition of the important role that effective leadership skills play in providing today’s students an advantage in tomorrow’s competitive world, we provide support for a student’s individual and group leadership skills.

Foundations of Learning is a fall course developed to assist 8th and 9th graders in taking ownership of not only their academic experience, but other key areas of their life as well, namely: team building, goal setting, time management, health & wellness, relationships, and budgeting.  Hands-on activities, interactive educational videos, field trips, community speakers, and class discussions are some of the tools used to involve students in the topics.  Students will be asked to consider these Essential Questions throughout the course: What is success? Where does your time go? What is good health? What is a healthy relationship? How do you handle money? How do we decipher media messages?

Student Leadership

Student-athletes serve in leadership positions on the Student Council or as a Student Proctor. Student leaders serve as a vital communication link between the student body and faculty to express opinions, provide feedback, and effect change. They are also role models for the rest of the student body.

Student Council members are involved in promoting social activities, planning, promoting, and overseeing community service projects, developing proposals to present to the faculty, and coordinating the peer tutor program. Student Council members are elected by their peers through a democratic voting system.

Student Proctors serve as leaders and role models for their fellow student-athletes. Student Proctors are selected for their ability to promote a positive, cooperative spirit in the CVA community. Members are selected through both written essays and an interview process each spring. Boarding and day students are represented. Some responsibilities include: assisting with student life programs and serving as mediators for classmates and underclassmen experiencing academic, athletic, or community challenges.


CVA currently offers both a Spanish club and a French club where students can practice their verbal skills and enjoy Spanish or French cuisine and culture.  These clubs are student led and students are encouraged to bring forward their ideas for activities or programs.

Student Life

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