The value of endowment giving

An educational institution’s endowment operates much like any savings and investment portfolio. The principal is invested for long-term growth and each year the school spends a small percentage of the endowment to support scholarships and general operating expenses. Since the capital cannot be used, the income generated from an endowment is an important source of revenue.

Endowments also represent the understanding that schools like CVA are worthy of investment by individuals and organizations who care deeply about preparing our next generation of scholar-athletes.  To keep pace with the dynamic and competitive environment in which we operate, the endowment principal must continue to grow through donations. The endowment is the basis of CVA’s long-term financial strength and competitiveness.

Making a gift to forge our future

The decision to establish an endowed fund at Carrabassett Valley Academy is as different as the people who make it. Some want to “give back,” others want to honor someone who had an impact on their development, still others believe giving to CVA’s endowment is simply the best way to sustain our future. Whether donors opt to direct their endowment fund to support a specific area of the school or to leave their fund unrestricted, all endowment funds help CVA to fulfill our mission. Regardless of the reason for creating an endowed fund, the philanthropic legacy that each fund fulfills is a significant part of our financial security and a powerful commitment to CVA.

Donate Now

For more information about how you can visit, get more involved with or support CVA, please contact Melissa Fogg, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs: or 207-237-4505