Graduation, Prom, Awards Banquets


The CVA Prom is always a night to remember. This spring tradition gives our students a chance to ditch their jeans and flannels for dresses and suits. The evening takes place in an off-campus venue and includes dinner, dancing, and all the trappings. Seniors and underclassmen alike are invited to attend. 

Big Dog Awards

Typically about 250 students, family members, coaches and faculty gather in the gym of the Anti-Gravity Center (AGC) to honor students from all grades and disciplines with academic, athletic and community awards at our annual ceremony.   

Senior Banquet

Graduation weekend traditionally begins with the Senior Banquet on Friday night at the Sugarloaf Base Lodge. Dinner follows, along with a short program celebrating each graduating student-athlete's time spent at CVA.


Our commencement ceremony is traditionally held at the Richard Bell Chapel at Sugarloaf around the first Saturday of June.  The speaker is often a CVA alumnus.  A reception at the CVA Capricorn Building typically follows the ceremony.