Big Dog Development Summer Camp

July 10-14, 2021

plus options to add-on additional dates

Fostering new skills in a high-energy environment, where athletes work together with their camp group to achieve their individual goals.  

Big Dog Development Camp

The physical demands of ski & snowboard competition require amazing strength, power, agility, endurance, and balance. Elite technical skill is supported by- and developed on the foundations of great athleticism. Well-developed physical capacities contribute directly to long-term sporting success.

This camp is open to any individual interested in advancing their athleticism, having fun and making friends. Campers will have their choice of developing individual goals on the trampolines, in the skatepark, in the weight room or in the gym while enjoying a fun and supportive team environment with CVA’s world-class coaches. 

Mornings are dedicated to skill development within a customized focus, and afternoons are spent exploring and playing in the area around Carrabassett Valley.

Afternoon activities will include swimming, biking, hiking and field games including soccer, kick ball and disc golf.

Campers choose one of two primary areas of focus: Strength and Conditioning, or Acrobatic. 

Choose Strength and Conditioning, or Acrobatic Focus

Strength and Conditioning Focus Option

Who it's for:
Alpine, Skicross and Backcountry skiers are encouraged to choose the strength and conditioning focus to help build a strong foundation for the demands of the Alpine Ski Racing sport.    

What it includes:
  • Customized plan - Activities and exercises are chosen by the coaches and campers that are appropriate to each camper’s age and ability.
  • Build strength and endurance - activities focusing on agility, mobility, balance, core work, plyometrics, speed mechanics, and proper lifting techniques.
  • Flexibility - pre and post workout stretching protocols.
  • Recovery activities - foam rolling and yoga
  • Nutrition education - proper fueling to get the most out of the workouts.
  • Sports psychology - Maximizing the mindset of athletes.  Guest speakers and coaches teach campers about how to manage an athletic competitive mindset.  
Campers choosing the strength and conditioning focus of the Big Dog Development Camp in a variety of our locations on CVA’s campus, including the weight room and gym at our Anti-Gravity Complex, The Alfond Competition Center at Sugarloaf Mountain,  CVA's Fremont-Smith Track and Field on our King Cummings Campus, as well as all a plethora of outdoor activities around Carrabassett Valley and Sugarloaf, such as Narrow Gauge Pathway, Sugarloaf Mountain Resort, Flagstaff Lake Reservoir, the Bigelow mountain range and other mountains in our area.

Acrobatic Focus Option

Who it's for:

Freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders are encouraged to choose the acrobatic focus.  

What it includes:

  • Customized plan - Campers make a customized plan with the coaches that focuses on skill progression and building the skills needed to achieve their own goals. Whether a camper is learning the basics of a flip, or ready to advance to double flips, coaches work with each athlete to make a plan that’s achievable for their age and ability.  
  • Kinesthetic awareness - Building body and air awareness, and learning how to practice skills safely.
  • Skateboarders and rollerbladers have structured free time to develop their skills with plenty of opportunities to encourage each other and make new friends.  
  • Proven training methods to build a developmentally balanced foundation for each athlete, making training progressive, safe, and fun!

Campers who choose the acrobatic focus train in and around the Anti-Gravity Complex.
  • Outdoor trampoline
  • Two indoor trampolines 
  • Skatepark 
  • Outdoor mini ramp (new in 2020)

Start here. Stop at nothing.

Campers leave the session feeling like a part of the CVA community, with new friends, feeling proud of what they’ve accomplished and excited to display their new skills on snow during the upcoming winter season.

All participants will receive a complimentary t-shirt & swag bag! Stay tuned for more information.


List of 4 items.

  • Big Dog Development Camp

    This is link is for campers under the age of 12, or campers of any age who are only interested in attending the portion of the camp held at CVA.

    Pricing: $749

    Register for CVA Big Dog Development Camp (registration is now closed)
  • Big Dog Development Camp Plus Air Bag at Sunday River (cancelled)

    Athletes attending this camp will experience a highly applicable air bag training environment, allowing them to set and achieve goals and bring their skills to snow this coming winter. This camp is for the advanced acrobatic athlete and/or experienced freestyle athlete looking to achieve qualifications or setting a course towards performing and perfecting invert and off-axis maneuvers.

    The group will depart CVA on July 14th at 8:00am for Bethel, Maine where Gould has allowed us to train on their massive and perfectly maintained dry jumping site with the air bag! This venue offers the opportunity for any freestyle skier or snowboarder to test their limits and chase their dreams!

    The athletes will have 2 jumping sessions on July 14th, they will stay the night in beautiful Bethel, ME (14th) and have 3 jumping sessions the next day (July 15th) before returning to CVA on the evening of July 15th. This camp will be loads of fun. Prepare to challenge yourself and reap the rewards!

    Capacity minimum 4, maximum 7 athletes. Food is included at Air Bags but not at CVA.  Follow the registration link for more information about items to bring and daily schedule information.  Contact Nate McKenzie with additional questions.

    Pricing: $1,099
  • Big Dog Development Camp Plus Ocean Explorers Maine

    Ocean Explorers Maine is a unique outdoor experiential learning camp for kids that uses island exploration along the coast of Maine as a platform for skill building, experiential learning, and strengthening of body and mind.   

    Departs from CVA on July 14th at 7am. 3 days.
    Capacity minimum 4, maximum 5 athletes. Food is included at Ocean Explorers but not at CVA.  Follow the registration link for more information about items to bring and daily schedule information.  Contact Jeni Conover with additional questions.

    Pricing - $1,399

    Register for CVA Big Dog Development Camp Plus Ocean Explorers Maine  (registration is now closed)

  • Big Dog Development Camp Plus Water Ramps (cancelled)

    Join us and brush up on your 360, try a front flip or attempt that back tuck or cork 7 you’ve been working towards on your backyard trampoline this summer. While at the Olympic Training Center, athletes are expected to adhere to the strict COVID-19 protocols that will be explained by the pool staff and include 6’ distancing between athletes and wearing of masks in common areas (masks not required while jumping) when distancing is not possible.

    This camp is for athletes 12-17 years old who are looking to learn new skills or to perfect their existing tricks!

    The group will depart CVA at 9:00am on July 14th for Lake Placid, NY where the jumping facility is located. We will be staying in this beautiful valley for 2 nights (July 14th and 15th) and will have two days of trampoline and water ramp training (July 15th and 16th), before returning to CVA on the evening of July 16th.

    Each day, the athletes will have 2 trampoline sessions and 2 water ramping sessions, giving them plenty of opportunity for progression, no matter what their ability level. Over and above the training benefits, jumping in the pool and trampolines in the sun is what summer is all about!

    Capacity minimum 4, maximum 8 athletes. Food is included at Water Ramps but not at CVA.  Follow the registration link for more information about items to bring and daily schedule information.  Contact Nate McKenzie with additional questions.

    Pricing - $1,199