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CVA Freestyle Weekend Program

The CVA Weekend Program is designed for skiers from ages 7 to 19 who are interested in competing in Park and Pipe, Moguls, or both. The program runs weekends and vacation weeks from December to March.

Weekend Program 2021 - 22

The 2021-22 season will include programming on Saturdays, Sundays & vacation weeks from December to March, with 4-5 hours of programming per day.

For returning athletes who participated in the 2020-21 season:
Registration information and links for the upcoming '21-'22 season will be emailed to your address on file by April 16th.

For new athletes who would like to join the 2021-22 season:
The link to register will be published here on July 2, 2021.
Those interested in joining our CVA Alpine Weekend Program for the first time are encouraged to complete this questionnaire by July 1.  This will indicate your interest in the program to CVA and set you up to receive a personal reminder when registration opens on July 2.  The information you submit will roll over to a waitlist if one is needed.  Weekend Program New Family Questionnaire

All new athletes will be required to do a trial ski run with one of our coaches at the start of the season to make sure they are prepared for our competitive groups. Coaches will determine if the athlete is a good fit, and the skill level is appropriate.  If we determine your athlete is not ready for our program, we will let you know on the trial day and refund your registration fee.

While we hope to be able to add more athletes to our programs, we cannot guarantee that happening.

Program Goals and Options

The primary goals of the CVA Weekend Program are to:
  • Keep skiing and training fun and exciting to encourage lifelong participation in skiing.
  • Teach solid skiing skills to all athletes.
  • Maintain the established intensity and scope of training for those who desire to reach the higher levels of competition.
  • Develop a sense of camaraderie and support among the athletes.
  • All athletes will be expected to compete as all groups have a competition focus.
Before registering 7-year-olds, please contact Joan Dolan.

General Freestyle Program is for all ages 
The Moguls and Freeski (park and pipe) programs are for ages 12 & over, eligible athletes can choose one of these two, or the general program. 
(ECS) A Mogul Group: Athletes in this group compete at the A level. 
The Weekend Program Eastern Championship Skier (ECS) A Mogul Group is a separate registration. The Eastern Championship Skier A group will include:
·       Coaching coverage at 4 ECS designated events. 
·       Coaching during ECS designated event training days.
·       Coaching during Training Days and Event Days at ECS Eastern Championships and Junior National Championships. 
·       A-level skiers will also be invited to all September CVA athlete Water Ramp camps (Fees apply)

Freestyle Weekend Program Contacts

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Facebook and Instagram

The CVA Facebook & Instagram pages are popular communication tools for the Weekend Program as well. Please join the pages to see photographs, results and other important and fun content.

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Weekend Program Calendar

Calendar updated 3/23/21


2021-22 General Freestyle Weekend Program price $1849.
The price will increase on October 11th to $1949 if space is available.

2020-21 Weekend Program Eastern Championship Skier A Mogul Group (ECS) fee to be announced soon.

Full Payment is required upon registration.
Please Note: The rates shown are cash discounted prices and apply to eCheck payments only. Credit card payments are the non-cash price and are 4% higher.

If you choose to pay by echeck - You will see the non cash price listed until you choose "SUBMIT" in the payment portal.