Freestyle Ski Academy Program

Optimal Performance

If you are an athlete interested in moguls or freeski (park and pipe), CVA has the program for you. Freestyle skiing has seen many changes over the last decade with the addition of many new disciplines. As the sport of freestyle skiing has evolved, so has the way in which these student-athletes train. With a focus on development and performance, CVA offers all aspects of training, so that developing freestyle student-athletes may reach their optimal performance. 


Coached by CVA graduate Keegan Kilbride '14, our focused team knows how to handle a variety of terrain filled with rails, hips, table tops, and jumps as they combine technical tricks into one run. Trips to the water ramps at Lake Placid along with the hours of work on our two Olympic trampolines prepare these athletes to increase their amplitude and difficulty of line and level of tricks. 


Coached by Nate McKenzie, our mogul team continually charges through fields of snowy bumps and launches themselves off jumps to win competitions. They are as competent and confident in the air as they are picking the fastest line through the moguls. 

Program Philosophy

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  • Movement Adequacy

    The coordinative abilities are all closely related. They are the underlying foundation for and the prerequisite for technical and sport skills. Once the coordinative abilities are developed, better athleticism is sure to follow. To support this area of development, we offer age-appropriate structured training programming, nutrition, proper rest/recovery to training ratios, proper goal setting and performance psychology.
  • Progression and Safety

    With the new tricks, spins, flips and the heights at which these maneuvers are performed, it is important to focus on athlete progression and safety. By using the facilities here at Carrabassett Valley Academy, we offer our athletes the opportunity to keep advancing towards their goals, gain valuable confidence and muscle memory.
  • World Class On-Snow Training Facilities

    It is also crucial to involve the best on-snow training facilities. We offer three slope-style parks of different ability levels. Our facilities at Sugarloaf are continuing to evolve and offer a great place to progress. The program offers multiple western events and training trips to areas that support freestyle skiing such as Breckenridge, Keystone, Boreal, Park City and many more.
  • Summer Training

    Summer training offers over 22 days of water ramp training in Lake Placid NY and 14 days on-snow training (location is based on best snow and features available.)

For non-enrolled athletes

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  • Photo of Nathan McKenzie

    Nate McKenzie 

    Action Sports Director / Freestyle Program Manager
  • Photo of Jesse Duncan

    Jesse Duncan 

    Freeride Head Coach
  • Photo of Keegan Kilbride

    Keegan Kilbride 14

    Freeski Pilot Coach
  • Photo of Jesse Lowell

    Jesse Lowell 14

    Head Mogul Coach