Backcountry Academy Program


Whether your focus is backcountry skiing, big mountain skiing, or ski mountaineering, the CVA Backcountry program allows you to travel to world-class locations to train, learn, and mentor with top educators and mountain guides. 

Motivating factors

CVA Backcountry is a leader in backcountry skiing and snowboarding education for high school students. This program is designed with the adventurous skier in mind who is always up for exploring and searching for the best terrain and snow. The program teaches student-athletes mountain skills to help them navigate safely in the mountains and develops important skills like decision making, risk management, leadership, and communication. 
Backcountry athletes gain experience, training, and coaching in:
  • Backcountry skiing in a variety of terrain and snow climates
  • Avalanche studies and snow science
  • Wilderness medicine
  • Rock and ice climbing
  • Orienteering
  • Backcountry ethics
  • Pre-season and post-season training
  • Mountain biking 
Backcountry athletes earn certifications in:
  • Avalanche studies (AIARE Level 1)
  • Wilderness medicine (SOLO Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder dependenton experience)

For non-enrolled athletes

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The CVA Backcountry Experience


List of 2 members.

  • Patrick Scanlan 

    Backcountry Program Director
  • Owen McAndrew 

    Backcountry Assistant Coach