Alpine Winter & Summer Camps

5th & 6th Grade Immersion

2020/21 5th & 6th Grade Alpine Immersion Sessions
Session #1 November 30 – December 17, 2020  Price - $2750.00 
Session #2 February 1 – 12, 2021  Price - $2050.00
Thank you to those who have registered for session #2! This session is now full. 
The objective of these Immersion sessions is to give 5th and 6th grade athletes’ concentrated midweek training opportunities this season while being integrated into the CVA experience. Families can choose to participate in one or both sessions as they best fit the family’s schedules. If only one session is possible, we advise to do the December program for athletic continuity. It’s a great progression for those who may be interested in making the transition from a weekend program into CVA for winter or full term the following year.
The Immersion athletes will be day students, housed with families off campus, but will be fully immersed in the CVA community. They will bring their academic work from their home schools and will be supported by CVA’s tutors during the academic block.
Athletically, these sessions will cover a comprehensive technical progression of alpine skiing skills incorporating the US Ski & Snowboard Skills Quest program. In addition, there will be slalom and GS drill courses & race preparation gate training, in coordination with the CVA full time & winter term U14 athletes & coaches. Daily video review, warm up routines and goal setting are all important elements that will be part of this experience. Coaches will also work with the athletes to help them learn the basics of ski tuning maintenance & waxing, and will coordinate with parents when base resurfacing is necessary. On the weekends during the session athletes will join the CVA weekend program groups for training as scheduled by Jeni Conover, with consideration to rest and recovery for these young athletes.

Typical mid-week schedule 
● 7:45 – 8:00 Drop off at the Capricorn building, please bring all ski equipment and academics. Please
make sure your camper has snacks in their pockets to have while training
● 8:15 Load van for the Mountain
● 8:30-12:30 On snow training sessions (campers will take a break approximately at 10:00 for a snack)
● 12:30-12:45 Return to campus in CVA van
● 12:45-1:15 Lunch in the Capricorn building dining room
● 1:15-3:15 Academic time with tutor in Immersion classroom at the Capricorn Building
● 3:15 Parent pick up, ski gear may be kept in the Capricorn Building
Change of clothing - They have the option of using the respective (girls/boys) day rooms with the U14 winter term athletes to change and store clothing, boots etc., or come dressed to ski each day with a change of clothes after skiing for the afternoon tutored session. A large transpack/boot bag would be necessary for later.

Ski storage - They should store their skis in the alpine ski locker room in the locker labeled Immersion athletes.

Weekends - The 5th & 6th grade athlete’s weekend participation will be managed by Jeni, based on the weather, the week’s training progress and the fatigue level of the athletes. Over the weekends during the sessions, they will join some or all of the CVA weekend program groups as Jeni directs. She will coordinate with the families for adequate down time and flexibility weekends to sleep in on non-race weekends, etc.

Communicating the schedule The daily schedule during the school week will be communicated by Jeni via Team App for the Immersion group each afternoon prior to training. If there are athletes who do not have a cell phone, parents will need to be on top of communicating the training plans to the kids. They will also need to be part of the Team App for their respective weekend training group for the weekend’s schedule.