Alpine Ski Academy Program

Top Notch

CVA has established itself as a premier school for Alpine skiers. It has often been said that “the road to the Olympics goes down Narrow Gauge.” 

Our commitment to you

We commit to helping you become the most successful ski racer that you can be and to providing opportunities for your continual improvement – all while having lots of fun!

Program Philosophy

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  • Strategies Based on Your Goals

    Regardless of the grade you join us, the CVA term you choose, or your stage of athletic development, we are committed to making you a better skier, faster ski racer and better all-around athlete.  Once you join us you will be coached through a consistent progression that is based on skill acquisition and the science of human development through our highly regarded Human Performance Program. Together we will create the most choices for your post high school athletic and academic pursuits.
  • A Time Proven Formula

    Our program follows the USSA development system of a consistent focus on the fundamentals of ski racing and functional movement. Like the US Ski Team, our program is year-round as we believe you will have better racing results when physical conditioning and training happen in the winter, spring, summer and fall. It’s a time proven formula of intentional athlete management. We are committed to real-time athlete feedback through technology and we are in the forefront of equipment testing, selection, and management.
  • Pre-Season is Key

    • In the summer we host on-snow camps for both enrolled and non-enrolled athletes to develop and improve tactical skills
    • Also in the summer our athletes carry out their human performance plan; an individualized plan created by our Human Performance Director that includes dry land training, nutrition, and rest
    • Our fall pre-season training is an on-snow camp(s), usually in Colorado, where we use winter snow conditions to maximize early season preparation/race training.
    • When you return from those trips you are physically and mentally ready for the competitive season.
    • In November we begin our training at Sugarloaf, the premiere alpine training and racing venue in the East. Many post-season events are held on the Narrow Gauge trail, a trail that you will ski every day so you’ll know it like the back of your hand!
  • A Coaching Staff Focused on Your Success

    We commit to providing you with a coaching staff that has, or is constantly working towards, the highest level of coaching certifications. In addition to their ski racing knowledge and expertise, our coaches care deeply about each athlete and his/her goals. Their commitment to athletes and passion for skiing is unsurpassed. They also appreciate the value of fun and know that so often the magic happens when athletes are relaxed and having fun.
  • Your Commitment

    Commitment to the sport of ski racing is key. Bring us your heart, hard work, passion for skiing, love of the mountains and your smile. Commit to giving academics your all and being a good citizen. Commit to being the best CVA Big Dog you can be.

For non-enrolled athletes

Join us for these other opportunities:    

    • Alpine Racing

      CVA’s highly skilled coaches have trained 11 Olympians, 10 X-Games competitors, 6 world champions, 83 national champions, 21 NCAA and USCSA All-Americans, and 34 National Team Members.


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  • Photo of Jeffrey Beauregard

    Jeff Beauregard 

    Alpine Coach - U16 Men
  • Photo of Ron Bonnevie

    Ron Bonnevie 

    Alpine Coach- U14/Alpine Weekend Program Director
  • Photo of Sean Chatellard

    Sean Chatellard 

    Alpine Program Director / Head Men's Coach
  • Photo of Jen Conover

    Jeni Conover 

    Alpine Coach U12/U14
  • Photo of Kirk Dwyer

    Kirk Dwyer 

    Alpine Technical Director / Head Women's Coach / Special Projects
  • Photo of Matthew Jones

    Matt Jones 

    Alpine Coach - U19 Men
  • Photo of Jenny Piot

    Jenny Piot 

    Alpine Coach - U19 Women
  • Photo of Travis Plass

    Travis Plass 04

    Alpine Coach - U19 Women
  • Photo of Sean Sullivan

    Sean Sullivan 16

    Alpine Coach - U19 Men
  • Photo of Jonathan Wagner

    Jon Wagner 

    Alpine Coach - U14
  • Photo of Anne Rockwell

    Anne Rockwell 10

    Alpine Coach - U16 Women

Age Specific Training Philosophy & Opportunities