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December 7, 2016

Hello WP Families, 

Opening weekend went very well, thank you for contributing to its success! The new Competition Center made the entire process so much more enjoyable. Participation numbers in the Alpine Program are up from last year, and we’re thrilled to have a blend of youth & experience in our staff of talented coaches.

Here are a few reminders to help us keep the new comp center looking great and in good standing with the mountain: 

  • Please do not leave skis/boards lying in the snow, always put them in the ski racks provided.
  • Please do not leave skis/boards lying in the snow at the Alpine meeting spots, always put them in the racks provided in the meeting locations.
  • Please take a moment to review the Parent/Athlete handbook with your particpating young athletes here.

You’ll all be very pleased at the progress Sugarloaf has made with snowmaking this week. We’re looking forward to more terrain open as we work with the kids to continue challenging & assessing their skills. 

A few notices:

  • The age class coaches’ newsletters will be available via Team App please be sure to check for new messages.
  • This Saturday, December 10th the Comp Center’s Gondola Room will be closed at Noon in order to set up for the Dedication. Please move all your personal items out of the room by 11:45 a.m. You are welcome to store your items in the wax room.

We hope you can all join us for the Grand Opening celebration for the new Competition Center this Saturday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Safe travels, and think snow! 

Ron Bonnevie


November 30, 2016

Greetings all,

The December 3rd opening weekend has finally arrived!  The new Competition Center is receiving its final touches, and we’re all very excited to move in.  Here’s the first look at the schedule for Saturday, meeting in the great room of the Comp Center

8:00-8:30         Family registration (please do your best to have all paperwork & payment

                        completed in advance to facilitate the process)

8:30-11:00       Morning session (slalom skis recommended)

11:00-11:45     Lunch break (returning groups to the Beach)

12:00-2:00       U8-12 afternoon session (leaving from & returning to the Beach)

12:30-2:30       U14-21 afternoon session

We had very productive coach’s orientation and planning meetings November 19 & 20, and I’m pleased to say we have the best weekend program staff assembled in many years.

Based on the number of new athletes in the program this year we will wait to establish groups within the age classes until we’ve had time to ski with the kids.  Then each age class will work on initial groupings to start the second weekend, which the head coaches will share with those families directly in an email. 

Once we set that up, we ask you all for your flexibility and assistance in helping us to get to know the kids these first weekends to determine the best fits for the groups, making adjustments as we see fit.  

For the U8-U14 groups, each athlete will be assigned to a coaching group while the U16/18/21 group operates more as a whole.  The head coach of each group will be responsible for communication to those families through Team App.  Within each age class group, those athletes will have access and input from other coaches in their group, as well as the opportunity to ski with other athletes within their age group at various training sessions. Once the groups are set up, your cooperation and understanding is key.  Know that we’ve done our best to group the kids considering experience, personalities, and social dynamics.  In our attempts to create the best possible athlete/coach ratio, please trust our leadership to make those initial groupings, and know that adjustments will occur as we get to know the kids’ personalities, their current skill and maturity levels. 

Here are the current staffing positions for 2016-2017 season:

U16/19/21       Head Coach-John Thompson

Staff - Kendall Farrington, Bob Luce

U14                 Head Coach-Jon Wagner

Staff - Dave Kearing, Gail Blackburn, Henry Townsend, Craig Marshall (12 & 14 floater)

U12                Head Coach-Len Saulter,

Staff - Peter Glass, Cathy Morton, Erica Luce, Craig Marshall

U8/10              Head Coach-Josh Cushman

Staff - Lani Love, Jon Leavitt, Cuyler Morris, Kristina Hoch & Isabel Cayer 

On call floaters:           Tony Jessen

Parent chaperones:      Kate Lynch, Shelly Koenig (& we need more J)

Our new Director of Marketing & Communications at CVA, Sarah Perry, will be helping us all get up to speed using Team App and the CVA Weekend Program Facebook Group.    

Important Final Notes:

1. Pick up/drop off area is going to be at The Beach for this week only.

2. Please make sure to have the kids ski gear & equipment ready, tuned and bindings checked for their current weight.  Ski pole length is often an issue if it hasn’t been checked.  Coaches will be doing their own equipment checks those first weekends also and will advise for any concerns. 

3. To help us make a rapid connection with the kids that first weekend, please have them personalize their helmets with their name.

4. Parking is not permitted in the lot and road closest to the Competition Center - Gondi Village lot and Adams Mountain Road. Parking spaces in that area are reserved for residents only. Pick up and drop off in the Gondi Village lot is also strongly discouraged. Instead, please park in day parking lots below the Sugarloaf Hotel or in 60 minute parking. CVA, the Sugarloaf Ski Club and USSA stress how important it is for clubs to do all they can to maintain positive interactions with resort customers. Parking and driving legally is one way Weekend Program parents can show respect for the resort and the hometown club. Thank you! 

Thanks to all for your participation in the 2016-2017 CVA Alpine Weekend Program.  We look forward to a great season. 

See you all soon,

Ron Bonnevie

Program Manager



October 28, 2016

Hello from snowy Sugarloaf,

It’s been snowing all day here at Sugarloaf, and the report from the mountain is over a foot.  We WILL have winter this year!

Weekend Alpine Program registrations are up to 112 as of this week.  We’d like to remind parents as they sign up for the program to also join the Sugarloaf Ski Club as a family by going to this link:

You’re all invited to the Ski Club volunteer reception on the first day of programming. Join us on Dec 3rd  in the new Competition Center from 5-7pm, where there will be hors d’oeuvres & adult beverages served.

The Weekend Program staff has just made a major addition to its ranks in hiring 2 new coaches this week.  Both are CVA alums and bring strong skiing & racing skills to the program.  We’ll be announcing the details of the age group coaches and new hires soon.

We wanted to make sure all families got the links for jacket orders, so here they are again.

Teens - 

Kids -

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.  Take care.

Ron Bonnevie

Alpine Weekend Program Manager

Cell 207 491-7134 


October 26, 2016

Hello Weekend Program families,

As the fall sports teams wind down there are about 4 weeks available when the kids can be focusing on sport specific training to strengthen their ski fitness.  Most or all exercises can be done right at home or at the school fields.  Look for some body weight conditioning routines for strength, speed, power and agility coming in the next newsletter.  If the kids don’t have a good jump rope now’s the time to get one.  Here’s a good routine from youtube.

A good way to start is to jump (use music to motivate) using the various alternations (skip, run-in-place, alternate single leg, side-to-side hops, twist, ali shuffle) for 1 min at a time, and do a set of push-ups & sit-ups or leg raises between each 1 min jumping routine.  So in 20 minutes this would be an excellent cardio, agility, light plyo (power) and strength routine.

Inline skating is another excellent cross training.  Here’s another great reference link:

Weekend Alpine Program registrations are up to 103 as of this week. 

I have been preparing seasonal training plans and interviewing new coaches and meeting with all returning coaches in preparation for the winter season. We’re excited to have some new faces on staff who will add a variety of skill sets and knowledge to the program.  We’ll be announcing the details of the age group coaches and new staff as preparations are finalized.

Our apologies for the delay with the CVA Weekend Program jacket order. (see attachment).  We’re waiting on options for the placement of the logo.  Stay tuned for the final order form in the coming days.  Please DO NOT attempt to order directly from LL Bean.    

As a reminder, the Killington World Cup is Thanksgiving weekend, November 26-27.  I will be there to watch (not skiing) both days.  The GS is scheduled for Saturday, slalom on Sunday.  This is a great opportunity to see the best Women’s Alpine skiers in the world right here in New England for the first time since 1991.  This kind of an event can really be hugely motivational for the kids, so we hope many of your can add it to your weekend plans.  Killington is a doable drive for the day with early departure from the many southern Maine areas.  

CVA Weekend Program 2016-2017 season jacket choices   

L.L.Bean jackets are now available for online order. Click below to view details about jacket selections and to order. 




Looking forward to seeing you all soon.  Take care.

Ron Bonnevie

Alpine Weekend Program Manager

Cell 207 491-7134    


October 6, 2016


Hello Weekend Program families from colorful Sugarloaf! 

It has been a brilliant fall so far.  The colors are at exceptional hues that we haven’t experienced in many years thanks to cold nights, brilliant sunny days, low rainfall and very little wind. 

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you here this weekend for Homecoming Weekend.  I’ll be at the AGC in the morning with Dawn Smith at the CVA tent.  I also hope to see many of you at 3:30 in our Atrium on the King Cummings campus for the second parents support group (PSG) meeting.  We have a pretty simple agenda, which won’t take more than an hour. 

We’ve updated the Bridge Camps page on the CVA website.  We hope you can check out the upgrades, which include shortening the 5-day Bridge camps to 4 with an adjusted pricing structure.  And we’ve added a pre-holiday camp Dec 19-21. You’ll find information and registration for this camp on the Camps page on the CVA site.  We wanted you to know about it before we send invitations out to ski racers throughout New England.

Registrations for this year’s Weekend Program have been coming in steadily these past weeks.  Remember the early price discount ends this weekend, so don’t miss out!

Our November Junior Development camp in Summit County, Colorado is now full.  Look for some exciting news from that group of 17 next month! 

I want to introduce Jon Wagner as the CVA assistant U14 coach.  Jon was my assistant the last 4 years with the Saddleback Ski Club, and brings solid ski racing and coaching background to the program.  He will head up the U14 Weekend Program group in addition to working with me during the week with the CVA winter term athletes and Bridge camps. John will come on board in time for the Colorado camp.

Lastly, the Weekend Program lead coaches have been named: John Thompson U19/16, Jon Wagner U14, Len Saulter U12, and Josh Cushman U10/8.  We also have 4 new coaches, (3 of whom are college students) who will be joining us plus there are a few more prospects in the wings.  Our goal is to have smaller groups this year along with volunteer parent helpers with the younger age groups to increase time on task and efficiency on and off the hill.

So think snow and don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions.  I’ve heard from many of you already with equipment questions, so remember to get the gear ready soon. 

Ron Bonnevie

Alpine Weekend Program Manager

207- 491-7134    



Hello Weekend Program Families! 

We hope you are enjoying your summer and have transitioned from goggle to farmer's tans. We are both very excited to have joined the CVA community – USSA’s 2016 Club of the Year! - and look forward to meeting you and your children. As we are both new to CVA and the Weekend Program there is much to learn but we are working hard to get up to speed. We are talking with parents, coaches and Sugarloaf personnel, creating calendars, inventorying equipment and designing programming to help ensure this season builds upon the program’s proven excellence. We will continue to be in touch as more plans are finalized and details become available. 

Key notes today:

Weekend Program Registration for the 2016/2017 season is NOW LIVE. Please note: to save $75 on your registration fee you must submit all forms and payment by October 11th.  

The program will run from December 3rd, 2016 to April 2nd, 2017. All other aspects (times, training during vacation weeks) of the program will remain unchanged.

The price is the same as last year. 

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on opening day!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact either of us. 

Ron Bonnevie
Alpine Weekend Program Manager


Kraig Sourbeer
CVA Alpine Program Director
(802) 535-9539



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