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Girls Leadership Camp



This 3 night/4-day camp will primarily be based exploring the Maine woods, mountain biking, and hiking. We will be teaching certain skills that will aid girls in the wilderness with low impact camping, fire building, navigation and group dynamics. We hope to camp on Sugarloaf's summit one night and swim in the Carrabassett River daily! This is a Wilderness type screens or cell phones.

Carrabassett Valley,Maine - June 24-27, 2019

Age of Campers: 12-14

Pricing: $650/per camper - DUE UPON REGISTRATION

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How can we build confidence and internal fortitude in young women? 

It's never too early to teach girls how to find the powerful woman within! Some of the best skills we can teach our daughters are resiliency, grit, self-reliance and the knowledge that beauty stems from strength, both emotional and physical. Experiencing the outdoors, learning how to care for yourself and your community may be the best way to hone these skills. Fully immersing girls in an expedition is the most exciting way for them to realize how powerful they truly are!

A great time to introduce these skills is in middle school when young girls are confronted with the realities that face them. As they navigate thru adolescence, the changes in their body, the influence of peer groups and the newly forming independence that comes with their teenage years, we want to support them and give them skills to face these challenges.  

With this in mind, we are offering a four day immersion experience for girls ages 12-14 years old. Included in this experience is the opportunity to learn more about outdoor survival, team building, and building strength through challenging physical activities.

Important skills that will be covered: 

  • Navigation using map & compass
  • Low impact camping
  • Leave no trace
  • Fire building
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping 

Along with the daily schedule we will be introducing group challenges and initiatives to be debriefed on. This helps to understand how communication and group dynamics works and unfolds over time in different situations. Other topics to be covered: Girls: Roles in society, School settings, Athletes, Peers groups, etc. 

Coaching Staff: Jen Conover & Cathy Morton

Jeni is a mom to 3 kids with extensive skills and experience working with children in both outdoor and indoor settings. Jeni is trained in Wilderness First Responder and holds current CPR and First Aid Certificates. She has a U.S. Coast Guard Captains License and has taught numerous Outward Bound courses off the coast of Maine. She owns and directs a summer camp called Ocean Explorers which is going into its 11th year. Jeni has coached ski racing for 30 years from Colorado to Maine and many off season race camps as well. She is part of the CVA Weekend Program Coaching Team.

Cathy has been working with kids in ski racing and mountain biking since 2001. She coached a youth mountain bike program in Utah. She is an instructor for a women's bike group in Carrabassett Valley, leads a women's bike clinic at Titcomb every summer, and coaches a weekly Spring group for the Farmington Cascade Brook School.  Cathy is CPR certified and has held a National Ski Patrol license in the past.

Cathy has taught bike mechanics, technique, and has done many guided rides for several women's groups in Maine including Barker Mountain Bikes in Bethel. She has been racing bikes since 2002.  She currently races all types of bikes and brings her love of the sport to as many people as she can including her own children. She is part of the CVA Weekend Program Coaching Team.


Coach Jen Conover - (Head WP U12 Coach) 


Corralco, Chile - August 6-20, 2019

This camp is open to all 2nd Year U10's - U16 athletes and their families.

Check out their website & slide show below. 

Corralco, Chile Slide show

Pricing$4650/per person - DEPOSITS of $650 are DUE UPON REGISTRATION.

Register Here to reserve your spot for this incredible training opportunity!! 

Only 90 minutes from Temuco, in the spectacular Malalcahuello National Reserve, is Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort, the refuge for skiers looking for a unique experience.

With more than 1,800 hectares of skiable terrain, nine meters of snow fallen per year, 29 tracks and six lifts, the reserve offers the most extensive ski season in Chile and the entire immensity of the Araucanía mountain range to be discovered.

The mountain restaurant Zorro con Botas is ideal for a break during the ski day. With a warm atmosphere and an unbeatable view of the Lonquimay volcano!

This will be a phenomenal camp far beyond your typical on snow summer glacier or snow field experience. Mid-August in Chile is the best part of their winter season, comparable to mid-February in the mountains of the US.

We will have amazing opportunities to experience world class skiing. Our time on snow will be balanced between directed free skills and gate training. We'll train some slalom, but lots of GS and SG elements, so the athletes should bring SL and GS skis. Parents should bring their favorite pair and consider skins as well.

There will be 2 travel days, 10 on snow days, 1 cultural rest day to Temuco, a Spanish Language component.

Flights will be on American Airlines; Boston - Dallas - Santiago -Temuco, return.

Resort Offerings:

  • This resort is within the National Reserve Malalcahello-Nalcas.

  • 718km south of the capital city of Santiago

  • 6 Lifts

  • 29 Runs

  • 860 Meters of Vertical Drop

  • Runs up to 5kms Long

  • More than 1800 Hectares of EPIC Backcountry

  • +5 Meters of Snowfall during the season

  • The Luxury Resort boasts, 54 rooms w/wifi and direct tv

  • A  spa, Bar, and Gym with spin bikes

  • Heated Pool w/ Jacuzzi/sauna

  • Billiards, Ping pong

  • Cinema

  • Multi-sport court in town

  • Function rooms for video review/meetings

  • Restaurant w/special menus & meal times customized for teams


Coach Ron Bonnevie - (Weekend Program Alpine Manager & Head CVA U14 Alpine Coach) 

Travel Staff: 

Coach Ron Bonnevie - (Weekend Program Alpine Manager & Head CVA U14 Alpine Coach)

Coach Jon Wagner - (Head Weekend Program U14 Coach)

Coach Jen Conover - (Head Weekend Program U12 Coach)  


3197 Carrabassett Drive
Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947


Fax: 207.237.2213