Parents Answer Tough Questions

During the time a family is looking at options for their student/athlete’s education they need straight answers.

A group of our current parents created this document to provide you with answers to those difficult questions that most potential families ask.

What type of kid typically attends CVA?

  • “The kids at CVA are unique. Stereotypes of prep schools do not fit here”
  • “Everyone is considered equal and is not judged by the size of the wallet but by the dedication and respect for your team and school”
  • “CVA students have a passion for skiing/snowboarding and use that passion to be the best they can academically and athletically”
  • “Kids who are willing to work hard and give their all. It’s about heart”

How strong are the academics?

  • “The academics are very strong. My daughter is definitely more challenged here than in her public school”
  • “They practice what they preach -academics come first”
  • “ A CVA diploma opens doors at the most prestigious colleges and universities”
  •  “CVA offers my son the most up to date curriculum using the latest technology which has been successful time and time again.”
  • “Academics and athletics make each other stronger”

CVA does not offer AP courses or a wide diversity of classes. Does that have any affect upon acceptance into prestigious colleges?

  • “I have talked to college admissions officers and they tell me that if you are taking the highest level of course work in your school, that is what matters”
  • “CVA does have the option of honors level work in most subject areas”
  • “CVA offers Pre-Algebra though Calculus; History and English every year; French or Spanish1-V, and Earth Science, Bio, Adv. Bio, Chemistry, Physics, and Enron Science. My son feels that is diversity”

I understand now that course offerings do not affect college acceptance. But I want my daughter to be able to take a wide variety of courses, if she wishes.

  • “Life is full of choices. My daughter has chosen to balance her skiing with her academics right now”
  • “My son knows that in college and beyond he’ll have the time to experience other subject matter”
  • “The benefits of a school which balances academics/athletics have provided my son with a variety of learning experiences and outlets not available at other institutions”

 My son is not Olympic material; he may not even pursue sports after high school. Why should he go to CVA?

  • Skiing or Snowboarding are not ends in themselves…they are vehicles for learning”
  • “The lessons learned at CVA are not about the sport so much, but more about the journey of maturing and taking responsibility for oneself and one’s actions”
  • “Our son has learned to be responsible for himself, deal with and lead people, take risks, advocate for himself, travel the world, and make decisions on his own. “
  •  “Working hard at CVA has given him confidence for life”
  • “It’s not about the athletic level…it’s about the passion for the sport”
  • “ I see less drama because there is not enough time for it…they have to stay focused”
  • “My child has had the opportunity to meet other students from around the world, volunteer, become part of a team, cheer on friends, and find pride in his school”
  • “It has helped her learn to advocate for herself and have more effective communication skills”
  • Her self-esteem and confidence are higher when she is at CVA”

I hear that not all of CVA’s teachers are certified”

  • “Most teachers at any private school are not certified…it’s business as usual”
  • “The teachers at CVA have mastered their subject area and are passionate about the kids and teaching at CVA”
  • “My son’s teachers have been thoroughly interviewed to provide the students with the most experienced and qualified educators available”

What sets CVA apart from other similar athletic schools?

  • “You don’t need to let go of academics or athletics at CVA-you can take both to your highest level- you don’t have to choose one over the other”
  • “The academic goals/requirements help motivate her with her athletic goals”
  • “CVA’s coaches  helped my son learn to set and strive for goals”
  • “CVA has an outstanding record of integrating academics and athletics-making it a unique one-of –a-kind education”
  • “Respect is a core concept instilled in all parts of the education experience”

What can I expect from the 5 month program?”

  • “Communication between CVA and public school teachers is key”
  • “After 5 months, be prepared for your child to ask to stay until the end of the school year”
  • My daughter, who attends a very academically focused high school, was behind in Chemistry when she arrived at CVA and had to do remedial work to catch up to the CVA students. When she goes back home in the spring her school will promote her to their honors Chemistry because of her work at CVA”
  •  “CVA makes it easy on their end”

Are drugs and alcohol a problem at CVA?

  • “CVA does not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol but does give students a second chance to learn from mistakes. If a student is caught they are suspended from school, receive counseling and are subject to drug testing for the remainder of their years at CVA. A second offense means expulsion”
  • “Kids are the same everywhere and they require parents to be parents. The head of school has asked parents to support the school’s non-tolerance of drugs and alcohol by providing a high level of supervision at all times” 
  • “CVA actively encourages my son to take responsibility for himself, be confident in who he is, and to make good choices”
  • “During the ski/snowboard season many of the events take place on the weekends so they are in bed early”

What is dorm life like?

  • “The schedule for dorm students has built-in study time”
  • “My son learned a lot about responsibility for self and others”
  • “Supervision is strong- the role of parent is taken seriously”
  • “Dorm parents do a fantastic job of teaching the kids responsibility with dorm meetings and regular room checks.

How do 8th graders interact/mix with upper classmen in such a small school?

  • “The kids are like a little school family- they support and encourage each other”
  • “They all share a passion for their sport so the camaraderie is very strong”

How do you justify the costs?

  • “If it’s a fit for your child it is definitely worth the money”
  • “You are getting a child who is happy, thriving, growing, and prepared for college”
  • “My job as a parent is to manage our resources to bring up my child to be the best he can be. CVA is that avenue”
  • “The experience is priceless, the justification is irrelevant”

I simply cannot afford CVA and I make too much for financial aid

  • “I always tell families to talk to the school- make sure you have all the facts before you think you can’t do it. They are very helpful with payment plans”
  • “It’s not always easy. It’s a family commitment. You make choices on which trips/competitions they can do”
  • “The school has a list of other resources that I found helpful”

What are the hidden costs beyond tuition?

  • “The school makes every effort to put together an estimate of non-tuition costs such as travel, competition entry fees, student account”


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