Academic Success Program


Helping students achieve their greatest potential and become independent learners.


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  • Assessment of student learning style and teaching of student self-advocacy

  • Communication with parents by email or phone

  • If approved for testing accommodations, students can use ASP time for nonstandard assessments.

  • Individualized assistance related to executive functioning and the completion of academic work.

  • Integrated into the academic day and meeting times during a regularly scheduled class

  • Regular contact with classroom teachers and advisors

  • Skill Development Emphasis, Planning/Prioritizing Time management, Developing a homework plan, Formal writing assignments

  • Test-taking strategies, Organizing notebooks/homework, Note taking skills, Active reading strategies, Self-regulation, Self-advocacy, Task initiation

  • Tutorial sessions as part of a regular daily schedule


This is an individualized program offering academic support services that goes beyond the extra help available in the academic program. ASP sessions are scheduled throughout the academic day as part of the student’s daily schedule. ASP is not a study hall, but school assignments and projects often provide the focus and starting point for skill development and confidence building. 
Whether a student just needs some extra support with study skills, wants to improve his/her writing skills, or has a diagnosed learning challenge, the ASP provides the academic support necessary to assist students in meeting their personal goals and the goals of the CVA curriculum. Learning sessions go beyond instruction by empowering students to be advocates for themselves because students who gain and develop a greater understanding of their own needs also gain the confidence needed to recognize their own abilities.
At no more than a 2-1 student/teacher ratio, sessions are highly structured and tailored to individual student needs. 
The focuses of this program can be reading and writing, math support, and/or time management and organization, depending on student need. Teachers utilize core class materials and supplemental materials to review/preview concepts; develop vocabulary and reading and writing skills or mathematical skills; practice time management, organization and study skills;  and generally support all academic and learning skill development, as well as self advocacy skills.

Pricing can be found on the Tuition page.

About Kristin Littlefield

Kristin Littlefield is the Director of the Academic Success Program (ASP). As Director, Kristin brings her educational expertise and passion for supporting individual students to help them find success in their classes. Prior to coming to CVA, Kristin earned a BA in English Teaching from UNH and worked in the Special Education Department in the Yarmouth School systems. She has experience analyzing outside testing and will work directly with classroom teachers to address different learning styles.  
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Kristin Littlefield

"I am committed to providing our students with the opportunity to be successful in all areas of their education by teaching them how to learn more effectively. We work with student-athletes on creating effective study habits, understanding individual learning styles, and reaching their personal best.”


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    Peter Taliaferro 

    Teacher - Humanities/ASP
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    Mel Graham 

    Teacher - Humanities/College Counseling/ASP
  • Photo of Kristin Littlefield

    Kristin Littlefield 

    Academic Success Program (ASP) Director and tutor
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    Sierra Spader 

    Teacher - Humanities/Math/ASP